Make do and mend and bangers and mash.

 Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who clicked ‘Frugal Queen’ over the last few days; special thanks to recent followers and many, many thanks to those of you who comment. It is always lovely to hear from you all. It would be lovely if you are a regular reader, but not a follower for you to click ‘follow’ as it’s nice to know who’s reading and I can, in turn, follow and read your blog if you have one.

We’re busily tarting up Frugal Towers and as we’ve got a very limited budget, it’s mainly running to a coat of paint, home made quilts and some home made curtains and soft furnishing. An easy way of freshening a home up is to move furniture around and paint to make it look new. I have a cosy little sitting room and I bought a 1950’s utility style desk a while ago and it’s been stored in my shed. It will go in the corner of the sitting room and will house books and DVDs.Today, it had a wash, sand down and so far, three coats of cream egg shell paint. It will need a few more coats. It was delightful to get some painting done outside in the sunshine.

 The little 1970/80’s side table also got a coat of paint, I’m not sure where it’s going to go yet, probably in what was my daughter’s bedroom as a bedside table with a lamp on it. It will be well used some where. The desk and the table cost me £30 in a local second hand furniture store and I knew I could do something with them.

 Here they both are, drying in the sun.

 I have two bedside table and they both have ring marks on them from night time water glasses. I also have a low table with a shelf, just inside the porch, where we leave shoes. Both were looking tatty and had a sand down and a couple of coats of French grey egg shell paint. They will do fine for us and will do us well for years to come. The bedside drawers were given to my mum years ago and were my bedside cabinets as I grew up. When I left home, I took them with me. The low table was in our house in Plymouth when we moved in. It had been a rental property before and it came with scruffy furniture, which we were glad of at the time.

 Dearly Beloved has finished painting the kitchen and utility room and he’s put my blind, pictures and spice rack back up. That tea pot has had a busy day as we’ve worked so hard today.

Here, has to be every British school child’s favourite supper. Bangers and Mash, with mustard gravy. Grilled gluten free sausages, frozen mixed veg and a dollop of mashed potato, smothered in mustard gravy. I just ate the sausages on their own.  And no, that isn’t a rugby ball, it’s a squash. I’m going to have a relaxing evening at my sewing machine, working on my quilt and listening to the Archers (feel free to click on the link and download and listen for yourself.).

Until tomorrow,

All my love , Froogs xx


15 thoughts on “Make do and mend and bangers and mash.

  1. Wow, you've earned your supper today!
    That's a very useful bit of furniture in your porch were you keep your shoes….wish I had a porch front and back, let alone somewhere to put my shoes LOL!
    Your desk is a good useful item too.

    Sandie xx


  2. Scrummy supper we had banger too but in toad in the hole, home grown beans and carrots, cauliflower and the dregs of some red wine in the gravy.

    I was gifted a rocking chair last weekend from freecycle, I am planning on sanding it down and painting it, maybe put a stencil on the top of the back.

    I know your house will look really pretty when its finished.


  3. The furniture all looks lovely. I love taking old pieces and making them beautiful, but alas we have all we need and I won't be painting for many years yet.

    Must try and get back into the Archers – listened religiously as a teenager (I know, I rocked 🙂 )


  4. Make do and mend is the best! I love changing up what I have and spending the minimum…

    Frugal Towers…LOL…of course made me think of Faulty Towers and has me chuckling at the memory of that great show…

    Prayers for all across the pond dealing with the riots and the outcome…


  5. your kitchen is looking really good. I love the work top. And the tiles are very nice.

    you have been super busy!!

    I love getting furniture from the charity shop.

    We had some funiture from the YMCA in plymouth once, we used it to stage our house to sell! and then we donated it back! The lady thought we were mad


  6. Hello, I'm new to your blog and I love it! I love your honesty and I've picked up some great tips. I'm on a frugal path for quite different reasons and I enjoy the challenge of it. Well done to you!


  7. I love that little table with carving on. I want to paint my bedroom furniture as it is a 40s/50s thing, side tables were a dressing table, cupboard too, from a long gone posh department store in the town. There is even the firm;s name on a little label inside. I want to do them a greyey purple, on the pale side as my bedding is purplish.

    A more cheerful post today.

    I'm having a porch done and a window, so my little house will be having a tiny makover although lots needs doing inside. The porch is absolutely rotten, bits falling off it. It really needs it, rather than me just thinking I'll replace it!

    Look forward to finished furniture.


  8. cant beat sausages and mash. I wish we had a porch, I like the desk, look forward to seeing a pic when it is finished. I like your kitchen tiles and now I know why, they are the same as the tiles in our kitchen!! x


  9. Good grief you have been busy! They all look great too. The kitchen looks stunning, bet you are pleased it is finished now.

    Bangers and mash, what a favourite! We had a more adult version for tea last night too. Sausages in white wine with buttered noodles, yummy.

    x x


  10. Love your blog. I got hungry looking at those sausages! The furniture pieces you are refinishing are coming out so nice. I'll have to try that. I've been afraid to because I thought the paint would not cover. Did you use regular paint or was it shiny enamel?


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