Personal happiness…………..and sadness of Babylon burning!

Hi everyone………………..thanks for dropping by!

It’s been a lovely day here. We’ve been to Lostwithiel and walked by the river. We went for a look around the auction, and fortunately for our pockets, we didn’t see anything nice. It’s been a hot and sunny and we spend the afternoon reading in the garden.

However, for all our personal happiness, my prayers go out to the families, ordinary people, the firemen and women; the paramedics and the police officers who have done their very best to contain the lawless disorder that has blighted some of our major cities. This morning, I watched the news and wept when ordinary people told their stories of escaping from burning buildings and business people, who are already facing incredible difficulties in the current economic times stood in burnt out shops. Some businesses have been around for generations and survived the blitz and we can but pray that they will survive this. Who ever you are, where ever you are, you are very much in my prayers. To the perpetrators of the violence…………..I can not say publicly what I think of you all.

I’m off to do some more quilting and I’m determined to get it finished…………….you’ll find me here (see photo)
See you soon,

Frrogs xxxxx


13 thoughts on “Personal happiness…………..and sadness of Babylon burning!

  1. Hi froogs glad you had a nice day…am praying my brother will be ok tonight ..he has been drafted in to help the Met police..mindless morons these thugs are…can't write any more..i am very angry and very sad..also very scared for his safety..
    as for the ironing board..i'm going to do mine too..but just clothes nothing fancy like your beautiful quilts…

    take care froogs


  2. i havent seen the news yet, but little bits people have said on the internet. I hope it doesnt catch on across the world. as one of my nephews friends wrote on facebook “they are all little pieces of shit, who dont even know what they are rioting about” and my nephew wrote “poor curry houses and dairies” and this is from a couple of roudy 20 year olds, who usually like a bit of trouble (ie pinching shop signs and traffic cones etc)


  3. I agree !! We are safe here in our lovey little village, but when my 6 year old heard about it on the radio and said I hope my cousin is safe Mummy it makes me very, very sad 😦
    (She is fine incidentally and lives about 20 miles out of London, her Mum however has not been able to go into work in London today, so won't be paid !!)
    Twiggy x


  4. London is a beautiful city I wish they would appreciate how lucky they are to be there. I have heard a few people call them animals, but this is wrong. Wrong to animals, after all an animal doesnt s**t on its own doorstep.


  5. I hope and pray that this will end
    swiftly. My prayers are with all of you. The pictures being shown here
    in the states are shocking. They are
    so many out of work and in need, but
    the rioting will make it worse for everyone.I pray you are safe where you live.


  6. My prayers are with Britain tonight. May you all be safe and this lawlessness stop soon. The pictures I have seen on the news here in the states are horrendous. The times are bad enough but there are always people who are willing to make matters worse. You all take care. I am praying for the police officers and all the first responders, and for everyone to be safe.


  7. I agree with all the comments, and I believe strongly that we have to instil respect back into the young of today. Starting at school, respect for teachers, respect for the police and those in authority, respect for your elders.

    The only people that can start this ball rolling is parents….. are there enough young parents out there willing to teach their babes in arms respect….I fear not.

    It's been scary watching the news, seeing the very people who are standing tall and trying to beat the recession and get this country back on its' feet with their small businesses have everything taken away from them by a mindless mob of bored teenagers, that do not realise they are being incited by thugs with more on their minds.

    Lets pray it ends soon and peace returns to our streets and cities.

    Sue xx


  8. Some people I know have made great statements on Facebook that these people are troubled and teenagers' brains go through some growth problems!!!!

    I can't see how anyone can condone ANYTHING like this. They can't ALL have problems other than they are wicked and only know about making trouble, without realising the outcome will affect everyone with the country being in such a mess as it is now.

    I don't remember my Mum telling me about riots during the war, everyone was so tired from working, the ones that weren't in the services or essential war work.

    It's not just lack of employment – how many of them would want to work if it was offered them? Far easier to be on the dole and thieve to make up the money.

    Sorry if that's a generalisation but that's just my opinion. I feel sorry for the genuine people who desperately want a job and really try hard to get one.

    It seems that all the troubles in the world are coming all together. This is progress?


  9. It's been horrifying to watch the riots here in the states. As a poster above mentioned, many small businesses are devastated. Hoping and praying all this will end without any more destruction or God forbid: loss of life. So senseless.

    Take care and prayers gong up.


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