Stock up when it’s cheap

Poached salmon and home grown salad.

I made a trip to Asda a few weeks ago and stocked up on frozen fish. I prefer fresh but it’s beyond the pocket of most people. You can buy two bags of their salmon for £5 and there are on average about 8 pieces per bag. We usually eat two pieces each per meal. so around 56p per piece of fish. The salad leaves, cucumber and cherry tomatoes are out of my poly tunnel.  I the dressing from three parts olive oil, to one part balsamic vinegar with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and a pinch of salt, which I shook up in an old jam jar. The dressing on the cucumber is fat free yoghurt, lemon juice and chopped mint. Cheapish…………not that fish is ever cheap!


12 thoughts on “Stock up when it’s cheap

  1. I think I would have only one piece of fish and a few more veggies – the bag would go twice as far then. Most of us do not need more than 3oz of fish/chicken etc. Good for weight loss too.


  2. Hi learning slowly – place the salmon in a pyrex dish with a lid, sprinkle with lemon juice and add a knob of margarine or butter. You can wrap this in foil, but the foil is an extra expense. I then place this in my mini oven, on 200 for about 30 minutes, I cook from frozen. If you defrost, then you only need about ten minutes. I then sprinkle with lemon juice – buy the bottled juice, it's cheaper and lasts longer.


  3. I am new to your blog and would like to say you are such an inspiration. I'm eagerly following your tips and advice. Thanks to you I have now made a lovely chocolate cake and will be starting my first quilt. I would also like to buy a mini oven to save on electric and wonder which one you have?
    Kind regards.


  4. That look's very nice!and so healthy!wish i could buy it here in bag's all-ready frozen!Salmon here is very expensive!so i don't buy it!in fact i hardly eat any Fish,and i know i should!i don't eat Meat either,because of the price!i just eat Chicken,every night!and i'm not sick of it,but it's very economical!or i make Tuna Mornay sometimes,which is very nice,and cheap to make,and healthy!


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