Out of chaos!

Somehow – I’ve got to tidy up for bedtime!

You can probably get medication and therapy for quilting addiction! I have the loveliest reason to be stuck in at home looking after a four legged friend who’s come to stay and the weather is over cast so there’s every reason to stay in and make your beloved a quilt! He makes my bed a lovely place so why not make him a lovely quilt! This one is going to be the biggest quilt I’ve ever made a 3 metre by 3 metre quilt that will drape over our bed and will fall to the floor. I’ve bought ready cut material for this and yes,  it will cost an arm and leg but I’m convincing myself that I’m making a family heirloom that I will hand down through the generations.

I do have a problem though, all the quilt basting and calico and lengths of material are all in inches and I just don’t ‘get’ them. So – each strip is 4.5 cm and 110 cm wide! I’ll have stripes running across the width of the bed and then stripes running around the outside. Quilting it will be complicated and will take a lot of love to finish. I have three pairs of doggy eyes keeping guard whilst I quilt away.

The only frugal thing about quilting is every stitch is stitched with love and that doesn’t have any cost!


10 thoughts on “Out of chaos!

  1. Funny thing is….I get the inches and yards etc….I don't get the metric! When I read directions from afar in metric I have to use a computer/calculator to convert them over to suit my measuring items!!!
    You and Silver Sewer and anyone else that is currently quilting make me want to QUILT! I have oodles of fabric and should just sit down and do it! I keep looking at our bedspread and wish I had a quilt. With all the Amish around here you would think I'd have one….but they are a pretty penny.


  2. It doesn't matter whether it is metric or other- just make sure all of your seams are the same amt. as you sew it all and all the blocks are the same size! My quilting rulers and markings on my Bernina are all in inches and that is what I use but a 1/4 inch seam or 2.5 cm is OK as long as you are consistant! And DO make your own binding; it looks pretty when scrappy- you can use up your pieces and you do NOT have to have it on the bias as long as your quilt edges are straight! Have fun-it is supposed to be relaxing!


  3. Wow, what productivity! I can't believe how much you have done.

    I don't get metric but I have started to stop measuring for things that don't have to fit (like a dress for example). Paper and fabric I cut by eye or I measure by handwidth or similar. I have a bit of a tendancy to knit that way too which is probably why only I wear my knitting output!


  4. Wow, haven't you done well? I started making a quilt ages ago and got fed up. I have no room in my small house to put a quilt anywhere when getting into bed so really it's not a practical proposition.

    Just enjoy doing it, taking pride in seeing it on your bed. Years ago people didn't bother whether things were straight or not, they were to keep you warm.

    I understand metric when measuring furniture, kitchen electricals, washers, cookers, etc but am not very good when measuring fabric or room sizes. Strange. So I'm a mixed metaphor really!


  5. I have a small piece of folk art that states 'a quilt is a blanket made out of love'. More than anything else, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you made it all yourself every time you look at it. I still love curling up under my quilts.


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