I’ll show you mine in close up!

 Close up of Spanikopita – I didn’t have spinach so I shredded home chard with parsley, low fat feta, an onion and two eggs. The Dukan version requires that I only ate the filling, but I never eat pastry anyway as it kills me with bloating. It’s great hot or cold and really economical at this time of year as our gardens are full of onions, spinach or chard and parsley. Even better if you have your own hens.

My supper – the Dukan version with a few added carby carrots as  a bit of a treat.

 More home grown. Runner beans from my garden. Beef cooked in red wine with carrots………..my carrots failed but as they are around £1 for a kilo, then I don’t mind buying them.

DB’s version of supper with rice and a much bigger portion……………….well fed husbands can’t get away so fast!!!

 The easy way to stretch this, if you eat carbs, is to add a tea cup of rice………cook in two tea cups of water until absorbed. Easy and very cheap.

Here is the edge, the very wonky edge of one of my finished quilts. I used bias binding at 18p a metre………which is expensive as was the calico backing on my second quilt. Thanks so much to the advice from everyone about starching material before working with it. Now I’ve finished the quilts, I can go onto many more UFOs, including bunting for my hall way, a chair throw I’ve had in my head for ages and recovering my dining room chairs. Don’t you just love holidays from work so you can finish all those jobs around the house.


7 thoughts on “I’ll show you mine in close up!

  1. Your quilts are beautiful. The lovely dark pink border reminds me of roses.
    Wish I was eating dinner at your house. You are a fabulous cook. Our garden isn't doing as well as yours.


  2. you can make your own binding. Just cut 21/2 inch strips, join on an angle and iron in half. You machine stitch the open end first then turn over and hand stitch to finish. Im sure it works out much cheaper


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