Quick and easy chocolate cake

 6oz of SR flour, sugar, marg and three eggs. Place in bowl of Kenwood mixer or any old bowl.

 Switch on Kenwood for two minutes. Pour equal amount into lined sponge tins.

 Bake on 180 for 20 minutes – when the cake comes away from the paper – it’s cooked. Leave to cool for at least one hour. I walked the dogs.

 Fill with two or three spoonfuls of Nutella or the cheap substitute.

 Dust with icing sugar, stand on a tea towel to save the mess.

 Place under fancy cake stand (bought recently from a car boot sale) and leave for Dearly Beloved to find when he got home! I know someone will ask, no I won’t be eating any.


13 thoughts on “Quick and easy chocolate cake

  1. Ummmmmm! Looks delicious. I'm trying not to eat any cake stuff at moment. Have been on a fruit/vegetables only today.

    Pulled out the first of my potatoes, will have to have some tomorrow.


  2. Look's wonderful!you have amazing will power!i wonder how long you can keep up the No-Carb's completely out of your life,i have to splurge now and again myself,but you are doing so well,as long as you are not depriving yourself!


  3. FG, you can check out no flour chocolate cake… IT is made of beans .. but I'm not sure of you are avoiding sugar as well as I remember you don't eat potatoes..

    love your self control… I rarely bake these days, for the fear that it will make me take a bite. my little one misses all the yumminess I used to bake.

    are you aware of elanas pantry where she blogs about all the gluten free yumminess without any flour and minimal sugar?


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