Into battle with the UFO

Last summer (I only have any time for any hobbies in August!) I started my first ever quilt. This August, I shall finish it! Machine quilting (just stitch in the ditch) a king size quilt, when it is my first every quilt is a Herculean task that has worn me out. It’s rather like wrestling a muddy anaconda in a swamp! Just holding it, rolling it into a tube to fit through my cheap domestic sewing machine is tough enough! I have one other UFO to battle after this, which will remain in the bag until the quilt is done, bound and on my bed. I’m off for my wrestling and fighting! To infinity and beyond!

Anyone else out there in blogsville got something lurking that you really need to finish some time, if only you had to the time.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


17 thoughts on “Into battle with the UFO

  1. A 1960's vintage handbag I started to sew beads and buttons on about 8 yrs ago!!!! Tonight I moved it again for the 100th time, from one area of our home to another. I nearly tossed it out, but thought I will try to finish it.

    Ahhhh Retirement 10 to 25 yrs away. Maybe then?


  2. That's lovely Froogs – keep on at it. You have done something more than me – made your own quilt. Its something to do on my wish list. Have lots of UFO's currently working on a superking sized crotchet blanket worked in double crotchet in stripes. Its about three quarters worked. I am hoping to get this one finished this year along with some of the others!




  3. Finally reupholstered the two bedroom chairs yesterday, after making a very rare trip into town to buy the upholstery pins. I have had the fabric and braiding for ages , and resprayed them weeks ago, so it's really good to get them finished. Next thing to do is the ottoman I bought in Bodmin- then the ensemble will be completed.


  4. The quilt is lovely and it's going to look beautiful on the bed. I have a thousand and one projects in my head ……… so many that I spend so long dithering about which one to do that I often get none of them done lol!


  5. You'll get it finished, yet.. . . . . . I'm still trying to get recipe notebooks organized and find a sensible way to do menu planning in a house with almost no schedule. ~Liz


  6. We missed the Bodmin carboot sale as it was the morning after we arrived and we slept late after the drive down. I got the ottoman at the junk shop on the ' high street'. It's not open every day – there was a note on the window giving his opening days – I think he must be doing house clearances the rest of the time to stock the shop- but was open on Saturday when we arrived( I bought some fab vintage curtains for £2), on Tuesday when I bought the ottoman , and on Friday before we left when I bought some other bits. The prices are good and to me it was a bit of an Aladdin's cave. It sounds like I spent all my time in there – but I did get to see more of Cornwall than Bodmin! (It was our 7th visit down there – we love Cornwall!)


  7. I love the look of quilts and the idea of making one but I know I'll never finish it. I've not got anything at the moment unfinished, I had a three sewing projects that I made myself the last couple of weeks but I've got lists of things I want to make but never have the time or motivation to manage. I've just taught myself very basic crotchet so I'm currently only messing about with that at the minute. The quilt looks like it will be beautiful when finished, I also like the cushions in the previous posts x


  8. I have bag of knitted squares (dark rosy pink and cream) to sew into a blanket for my little granddaughter`s bed. It was supposed to be for last year`s birthday but this year`s is in a few weeks and the blanket still isn`t finished…..

    Good luck with your big quilt. It looks lovely.


  9. Erm we'll not talk about the birth sampler I bought to complete whilst on maternity leave. The child it was intended for is going to be 6 in a couple of months eek!
    then there is the maxi dress I want to make. I have the fabric and I have the pattern but do I have the time to make it before we go on holiday in a few weeks time? Nooooo!


  10. erm, my biggest UFO is a also a quilt! it's made from upcycled men's shirts and is pieced, i just need to find the time/money to get the wadding and actually quilt it. oh, have you tried using bycyle clips to hold the excess in a roll whilst you quilt the rest? works for me!


  11. i always have UFO's to finish. I have a blanket to finish crocheting for my granddaughter…I just can't get into crocheting in 90-100plus degree (F) weather!!! It will just have to finish this autumn or early winter. I also have an old crib to refurbish….That I can do now, just need to do it!!!
    Plus there is the master bedroom that needs new drapes and carpet….so much to do….


  12. Hey Froogs

    I have several projects happening – mostly sewing but I don't really regard them as UFO's just WIP's (works in progress) but my real UFO's are two grey camp blankets that I am stitching souvenir badges onto for my daughters. The only problem is that the daughters are 25 and 29!! After a recent discussion it is agredd that they will be for the granddaughters who are currently 2 and 4.


  13. I am hoping my UFOs don't follow me into my next life! I love stitching and have been taking classes in many different techniques over the years so I have projects stacked up. But those projects have taught me how to stitch. Now I just need to finish them. They go back 25 years. I have pillow shams, needlecases, tea cozies, smocked dresses, Christmas ornaments, etc, etc, etc. But I love them all and won't toss them. So they sit and wait for me. My August will be taken up with a group crazy quilt and some doll clothes. Maybe I will get to the rest in September.
    Your quilt is drop dead gorgeous.


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