Recycling old clothes

I had a delightful half an hour a week or so ago when I went to a jumble sale in the town hall. Everything was 20p. I bought a denim skirt, a couple of pairs of checked trousers and a skirt just for the material. I had no idea at that stage what I was going to do with them until today. I butchered an old pillow that had gone baggy in the middle and made a cushion. Thanks very much to big dog for modelling it. I’m in the mood now for more creating (I’m easily bored) so watch this space.

Ta – da! Added a while later……………..I found the flower template on line and used some more denim skirt, and the leg of each pair of trousers, one in blue check and the other in pink strip. The time, modelled by Bobby Dazzler himself.

Love Froogs xxx


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