Leftovers for lunch and lusciousness from Lidl

As I’ve all but given up eating, there’s never much to eat in our house and as I eat less and less, there’s often something left in the fridge, well past its best that has to be eaten. Today, I had to do something with half a Chorizo, a few mushrooms, half an onion and two slices of bread. I sliced up two iced gem lettuce, poured over some balsamic dressing (I buy it, I can’t make it as cheaply as the Co-op sells it). I sliced half a chorizo, the few mushrooms and onion that I had and cut the bread slices into cubes for croutons; I then fried them together and sprinkled them onto the lettuce. I don’t eat bread so gave the croutons to DB.

 After an early lunch, and leaving Dearly Beloved at home to paint the kitchen, I got a few groceries from Lidl. I always enjoy a root around their special offers. I was interested in trying some of their perfume that is so highly sought after and was highly rated by More Magazine. It has a resemblance to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. I tried some and loved it and as some one who loves perfume and rarely buys it, will enjoy a liberal splash of it after a shower. Especially after a shower in the yummy patchouli scented shower gel, it has a really heady musky smell and it’s 45p! £4.45 and I shall smell heavenly. I’m also in the middle of a few crafty projects, mainly to entertain myself by making things from scrap material and 20 reels of thread were £4.45, which is usually the cost of two reels when I buy them normally.

I’m sorry if I sound like an advertisement for the place and I rarely get excited about shopping. I’m going back to painting and renovating. I’ve teak oiled the garden furniture to keep it going for another year and I’m about to put another coat of paint on the bathroom walls and ceiling. It’s all go here!

Thanks again for dropping by and see you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


4 thoughts on “Leftovers for lunch and lusciousness from Lidl

  1. I Love Lidl too – but our nearest is quite a way away – so I use Aldi a lot [THEIR balsamic vinegar is very good, and cheap]
    Do you eat ANY bread these days? I occasionally have a slice of Aldi's Rye Loaf [again, v cheap, and presliced and it keeps AGES]


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