Fresh and minty.

 All through the summer, mint grows here and there in my garden, like weeds. I cook peas and potatoes for Dearly Beloved (none for me………….carbs!) and I make mint sauce with the rest. Check the mint for insects and then finely chop.

 Keep turning it round and over to make sure you evenly chop it. Add to a jam jar with a spoon of sugar, cover with malt vinegar, put the lid on and give it a gently shake. You can use it immediately or it will keep for ages, right into the winter.

 We pour a few spoonfuls over roast lamb or grilled lamb chops. Now, back to the kitchen, which is almost there!

 The worktops, sink are all finished and now we have to re-fix the trim on the cupboards, make good any holes in the plaster work and finish by painting.

It’s a huge treat to have a fully functioning utility room, with a cupboard for everything, room for the very rarely used microwave and everything tidily put away.

The photo above is the view from my office window and a clue to one of the many jobs that will be done this summer in order to sell my house. I don’t cope well with mess and upheaval but I steady my nerves by looking on Rightmove for teeny tiny cheap houses and by going to Money, and comparing mortgages at a much better rate than my own and calculating how quickly I can pay off a tiny mortgage and then spend time doing what nurtures my soul.

Until tomorrow,

Thanks so much for dropping by,

Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “Fresh and minty.

  1. I am so glad i bought my little house, as now when money is tight i can still afford the roof over my head, even when the munchkins grow up it wont be too big.

    I love mint sauce, will be makign my own from now on, thanks for sharing


  2. I love mint sauce, and grow mint in the garden, several different kinds. The smell always reminds me of Sunday dinner at my gran's house, lamb roast and mint sauce…..nothing can beat it.
    Good luck with your house hunting, I was talking to my daughter just last night, and was saying I would love to downsize and have a little cottage or log cabin in the woods 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, doing what pleases you most.


  3. It definitely works, thank you for the tip! The utility room looks great, luxury having proper storage space (something I am sadly lacking at the moment!) xxx


  4. I want to sell mine too – happy to move to a cheaper place or off with B on adventures. I have looked at the tiny mortgage and also dream about what else I can do with the time and money!!!!

    good luck


  5. Yummy mint – I made the mistake of putting some in my garden and it went wild and ran all over everything including the lawn! Not a good idea in sunny Queensland – tip for me: mint in pots only. It's so exciting when renovating is in its final throes – you kitchen is gorgeous and you are one clever cookie to downsize:) xo


  6. Hubby is due to retire in 14 yrs. I'm already researching where we should live. Never too early, eh?
    Jane x
    I make mint sauce to see us through the winter, but this year the mint seems to be suffering from the heat.


  7. I thought you were nuts for putting money into a house you intend to sell…but now that I have seen it, I think you are doing all the right stuff. You fixed problems in the kitchen AND you made it look pretty. It always pays to fix problems. Our neighbor spent a small fortune last year prettying-up their house and it still hasn't sold, despite 3 steep price cuts. In this economy, people are actually looking for houses that need cosmetic work–what happened to those TV shows where they would look for “the perfect house” and immediately embark on a $75,000 kitchen remodel? Get rid of appliances because they didn't like the color?

    Kudos to you for raising a son who will help his mom this way. AND has the skills to do it. Good for all of you!


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