Nearly there

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for dropping by!

Today, my son fitted the utility room. It used to have simple shelves with everything hanging off them, the washing machine and the dishwasher just stood in the room. Now the dishwasher is in the kitchen, next to the kitchen sink, where it should be and the washing machine is encased in fitted units, in the utility room, where it should be. He has re-routed plumbing and electrics, built and installed the units and installed a sink as there never was one in there.

I’ve had my first day at home and I’ve dried all of the laundry in the sun, ironed it all and it’s all hung away. I’ve stripped and remade the bed and I have another pile of washing to do tomorrow if the sun is shining. And didn’t the sun shine today! It was 32 degrees on the north side of my home where it never gets full sun! Boy-O was certainly hot today, but as is true to him, he didn’t stop all day. Tomorrow, is the finishing off then he’s back home to Plymouth for a few days before coming back next Monday for the next stage of the ‘renovate the house to sell it’. Here’s the photos of today’s work. The units and sink and all plumbing supplies are from a newly opened builder’s merchant who gave my son a massive discount for opening a trade account. Like all utility rooms….it’s nothing fancy. I started on my first holiday craft project and I’ll show you the results tomorrow.

The old shelving from the utility room, perfectly good enough for me, but I don’t think it would tempt the buyers!

 Work in process. It might look a small room but I’ve had kitchens this size in other houses. I’m sure this will be a selling point.

All the work and noise drove me out of the house, I spent most of the day here, in the shade of a huge beech tree reading Stephen Fry’s ‘Moab is my washpot’

 I am just about to have hundreds of tomatoes. The vines went crazy before I had time to trim them or cut of the lower branches so I’ve just left them get on with it.

 The heat is causing the squashes to swell. They have climbed all over the poly tunnel and, in true triffid like fashion, are threatening to over power it.

Here there are making a bid for freedom and after growing vertially are growing laterally too!

 The sweetcorn is also growing and swelling. It’s the first time I’ve ever grown this and I’m growing it in a plastic pot.

 If you wonder why I leave the lawn to be a mess of weeds, it’s because it’s full of clover and alive with honey bees. The bees also love the fuchsia buses that I leave untrimmed and wild all over the garden. Tomorrow will be the end of it and my poor boy can have a few days off.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Wow things are really coming on, I'm so pleased for you.

    Bless your son he is working hard for you. As for your garden, well its looking amazing. Nothing beats growing your own food I think.

    X x


  2. Wow – a neat and organised utility room will certainly be a big draw for potential buyers. I dream of being able to put my laundry stuff somewhere out of the way, so I am sure the work your son is doing will give you a great advantage! And a lovely big garden – brilliant! They should be queueing up to buy.



  3. It looks absolutely fabulous. I can tell you that after having my little washing closet for many years, that your laundry room would be a definite selling point for me!


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