Coming along nicely

 Day two and number one son has worked really well today. He’s exhausted after working away as a shop fitter for weeks on end, chasing a few quid where he can get it. It’s a total privilege to have him home doing the work for us. Originally, we organised a local tradesman to do this and when our son found out, he insisted on coming home on his week off to do this for us. It’s wonderful when they get old enough to understand pay back.

Today, he re-routed the plumbing, cut holes in walls to take the drainage, installed new plumbing, moved an electrical supply (one of his many talents and qualifications, along with general plumbing) fitted the sink and plumbed in the dishwasher. Not bad for a guy who’s having a few days off after over a month working away on a variety of building sites. Tomorrow, he will fit the utility room before he goes onto the finishing touches of tiling and painting. He’s a wonderful gift. xxxx

The sink was massively reduced as it’s a ‘order only’ item that a customer didn’t pay for and the building supplier had ‘in the warehouse’ and needed to be ‘got rid of’. the taps, were a different story and took me a day to earn!

19 thoughts on “Coming along nicely

  1. indeed that is a lovely sink (only a hand dishwasher could fully appreciate)
    taps are expensive but you do get what you pay for so worth the little(haha) extra


  2. It's lovely when everyone pulls together. We're doing some similar work on Mam's house while she is holidaying with my sister and it's great that we can all do something to make her life a bit easier.


  3. It would be nice to put the befores and afters here for comparison. Your son is doing a fantastic job! You've raised him so well and he has now helped you when you really need it. Good luck with the rest of the renos!


  4. You should post before and after pictures.What a blessing, you have such a talented son! You have good reason to be a proud mom! The new sink and taps really make a difference.


  5. When my kitchen was being renovated i had to purchase the extras, i really wanted a fancy tap with the pull out hose, so i ebayed for a while and raised enough money to buy iy, i love it. your kitchen is looking great x


  6. Please can you lend him to me!!! he is a little treasure, how amazing to have all those skills. I could be his foster mum for a week or 2 but I think there might be a queue xx


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