We all need a little chaos every now and then.

I ate my dinner in the garden tonight. Wearing a coat and sitting on the garden steps. It wasn’t warm but it was the least chaotic bit of my home. Sink out, plumbing out, tiles off, new worktops cut and down. Wiring re-routed. Dishwasher ready to be moved. Son dusty and tired and working for free. I can’t complain as I’m not paying for the labour and everything has been bought at trade minus negotiated 20% discount due to son opening a new trade account and being given 90 days to pay. All very good and a lot cheaper than if I’d gone to the cheapest DIY superstore.

Tonight, I washed up in the sink in the downstairs loo! It’ll be all worth it when it’s done, flashy and remodelled and ready for sale and I can downsize and live in a smaller, more sustainable and affordable home. Something like this – http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34174508.html and live in a little row of cottages that looks something like this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34174508.html

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


20 thoughts on “We all need a little chaos every now and then.

  1. I'm curious. How big is your house now? I live in a 1,000 Sq ft house in Philadelphia and it is enough space for me and my husband. I personally like smaller houses but people think I am crazy!


  2. good luck! I cant wait to see the results.

    Small homes are so much easier to manage. We down sized, when we moved to this house. and although it is an adjustment, I am really pleased already with the savings we make. Not only on council tax and mortgage payments, but also in heating and general maintenance.

    I hope you sell quickly!


  3. Its good you have such a generous son. It sounds like he is working hard and accomplishing a good deal.
    Can hardly wait to see your new kitchen!
    Are you teaching during all this remodeling or are you on break? It
    must be exciting viewing the changes
    as they happen.


  4. Hi Urban Simplicity – on rough measurement , it's 883 sq ft(just the rooms not the corridors, landing or bathroom, or garage) and by British standards I live in a biggish house, and mine is detached with parking and a garden, opulent by local standards. I want something around 500 sq ft.


  5. OK that make sense. My house is 1,000 sq feet but it includes the hallways, bedrooms and all rooms. Only in America do we want everything huge- houses, TV's, cars. the list goes on and on… The smaller the better..


  6. I love that wild garden. Looks like someone will have a lot of work but end up with a nice set of terraced spots. We keep getting smaller houses everytime we move. Next time we will again downsize.

    A friend built a house with 4000 sq feet but it feels cold and vast. You could roller skate or ride a tricycle around in it. Makes me feel uncomfortable.


  7. We downsized from 3 bed semi to a 'coach house' – which is like a 2 bed flat built above a block of 3 garages. One garage is ours, and we have a garden the width of the 3 garages, including a tiny conservatory. It is great, now there are just two of us it is perfect size. Really cosy, we both love it. Other people think we are mad though to give up a larger, more comfortable house.


  8. I have lived in much larger houses but I miss the storage space as there's none in my little house. Although I like the house I'd love another bedroom so I could use this cupboard for storage.

    I must say the cottage looks really lovely.

    I'd love my aunt's cottage in Anglesey but couldn't possibly afford it.


  9. Oh I could live there very comfortably too…and all that back garden just waiting for you to reclaim. Hopefully once your home is sold there'll be something just like this awaiting you.



  10. Gosh i would downsize if i could move into something like that,good luck with the renovations.My house was done last year from top to bottom because i was flooded a few years back,All done in a bit of a rush so would be a few things i would change now. Good luck cant wait to see next lot of photos


  11. i love the little cottage its so perfect

    also just wanted to say i just read your post about Amy and its the nicest thing written about her that ive seen and i hope so much that you will never have to hear thats news xx


  12. Ouch the price of that lovely wee cottage (although it does have a generous garden). We live in a well proportioned three bed, two living roomed semi which has plenty of space but even if it was top spec (it really isn't) it wouldn't command as much as that cottage. We live in a pretty good area but not the “right” location.

    Not that I mind, it's good here and we have plenty of space but if we downsized we'd pay as much for half the size so wouldn't gain anything or release capital.

    Property is a weird game.


  13. What a pretty cottage !
    It's quite expensive but you live in a touristic area and housing in UK is known to be very expensive…
    The 5 of us live in 1700 sqft, that's a big house by french standards too, we won't keep such a big house when the children leave for sure !


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