Making £5 go a very long way.

 Hi everyone,

I’ve had a really busy few days getting ready for the new term and I’m glad of five weeks away from school as I can complete all of my planning in that time…………just. I’ll keep checking in here each day to update what I do but I’m also getting ready for a busy summer working on my house. As well as the house renovations which range from monumental to mediocre, I have lots of craft projects to finish. I thought I’d share my car boot sale finds and what I’m going to do with them. The retro material was a delight to find for £1. I’ll probably recover the dining room chairs with this and use it as a colour idea for the room, which I intend to paint mustard. I may use the material for something else entirely. It’s cotton and I think it would make fabulous aprons to make as gifts for friends and family.

 My star find of today was my print of the two Tamar bridges side by side. The artist is a local man from Plymouth called Brian Pollard and his work is mass reproduced and often over priced. I bought this little framed poster for £1.50 and I think it’s charming.

I then found a pretty polka dot jug and I recently bought a butter dish with the same design and they’ll go well together in my kitchen. I love the serving plate with the glass dome that I found. I often bake a sponge cake for Dearly Beloved and just leave it on a plate on the side with a tea towel over it to keep the dust and the cat off it. This is not only practical but I thought it was really striking looking. The jug was 50p and the cake plate was £2.

Dearly Beloved is down stairs causing havoc in the utility room and kitchen as our son is coming home on his holiday to spend a week refurbishing with us. He’s bought everything for us with trade discounts and he’s doing the work for nothing. We’ve also got trade invoicing so what ever is invoiced to us on the 1/8/2011 has 90 days to be paid, which effectively allows us 4 months to budget for the work before we have to settle for materials. I’ll photograph it when it’s all done and I’ve finished painting it. It all might seem rather extravagant to renovate a house just before selling it, but I’m determined to get the very very best price for it, so my downsized home has as small a mortgage as I can possibly arrange and would be even better if there was no mortgage.

I’m off now to do some more lesson planning for September.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


14 thoughts on “Making £5 go a very long way.

  1. Renovating before you put your house on the market makes sense to me- we did the same. I think it not only makes a difference to the price , but also puts your house ahead of others which are similar but might need things doing to them. It certainly worked for us – other properties similar to our old one are still languishing on the market and were for sale before ours was.Looking forward to seeing the refurbishments – we have just finished another room. Love the covered cake plate!


  2. Yes renovation make perfect sense. I love the glass dome and plate and the spotty jug but the fabric takes me right back to the 70s when I had that same pattern as a duvet cover and hated it and the darn thing would not wear out. It would be funny if yours was previously mine.


  3. I didn't even have to go to a carboot to get some fnds today.Every now and then our village has a skip delivered and on the way back from Tesco's (got some end of the day bargains) gong through our village saw that there was a colourful childrens easel well got my hubbie to stop and i ran over to the man who was just about to clear up and i asked hm if could take the easel sure he said and not only that got the most wonderful toy pushchair for my grandaughter thrown in. Somebody had also wanted to send to the tip the beautiful white wooden cot alas that had been spoken for but I was naturally very happy with my finds!!
    Just off to make more of your soap.
    Love your finds today especially the polka dot jug.


  4. What fabulous finds and such great value, too! That vintage fabric is just wonderful, I've seen a Dulux paint shade called Delhi Bazaar which would work wonderfully with it.
    Spending to sell your house makes perfect sense, we did the same with our last house and it sold within an hour of it going on the market because the vendor loved the fresh look to it. x
    PS Yesterday's post brought a tear to my eye, I lost someone very close to addiction last year. x


  5. I have exactly the same glass plate and dome, its normally on top of the gas hob housing a homemade cake! Although mine was a gift it did have a TK MAxx sticker on it for £12 with a RRP of £25 so an excellent find for £2. Your post yesterday struck a cord for me, terribly sad news yet a understand that relief its someone else that's gone. Totally agree with you 'doing up to sell up' we did the same and it works xx


  6. I can remember having a duvet cover in a similar pattern to the material when I was a child, except it was bright purple – mid -70's. I love the print and cant wait to see the renovations. I know you started a quilt last summer, are you planning on another quilt? x


  7. If you are planning to sell I dont know about a mustard dining room. Paint walls very neutral, light bright and airy. When the house is shown turn on all the lamps and lights beforehand even if it is sunny outside. The more you remove from a room the better it will look.
    It is hard to sell a house where dogs live – the owners dont seem to notice the smell or the barking sometimes(but the rest of us do). Pack away all clutter………clean, clean, clean – windows especially. Research “staging” Always ask the agent for feedback.
    I sold real estate for 22 years – made a fortune at it.


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