It’s in the bag!

 Hi everyone,

I’ve been starving poor Dearly Beloved on carbs so he can have a pile of new potatoes with his supper. I’ll just eat the plain fish! I grow veggie in bags, any old bags. The potato bags are on their third year. I haven’t watered them enough and I haven’t got many in each bag.

 I love tipping them out, pulling the roots apart and releasing the spuds from their warm composty home.

 It took two bags to get one bowl full. They are just lovely and we have mint in the garden to cook in with them.

 I also pulled up the shallots, I shall leave them to dry and pickle them this weekend. Another favourite of Dearly Beloved is cheese, homemade bread and chutney or cold meat, such as cold roast chicken and pickled onions.

DB had steamed ruby chard, new potatoes and some salmon (big bag of frozen equates to £1 a fillet from Tesco) for his supper. I’m just loving the garden!


18 thoughts on “It’s in the bag!

  1. I grow taters in bags too. You can leave the plant in the bag and harvest as you go. Even when the plant is dying the potatoes grow and stay fresh.


  2. They look yummy, i grew mine in bags this year and they were delicious.
    A prog that was on earlier in the year called superscrimpers said that you can plant pealings if they have eyes on them so i ve tried that. they are sprouting so shall wait and see. My tomatoes are still very green,Lettuce is wonderful.Ive been freezing my mint in ice cube trays. It seems to all taste so much better when its picked from the garden. Dh says hes found alot of ripe blackberries so we are going to collect some tomorrow to make a batch of jam.
    Do you break up tomorrow? what plans do you have for the school holidays?


  3. Just got raspberry jam on the stove, do you eat kale???? if so how do you prepare and cook it? Now we have taken over the garden we are looking for things to grow to feed us all year round. Kale is something I have never eaten before, if it comes to that I have never eaten chard either!!


  4. It all looks great. Our potatoes have been very productive so far and have turned up some beautiful sized ones. We have loads of chard too but I dunno what to do with it. I started the Dukan on Monday so am off carbs too – just waiting for Cruise to set it on so I can get back to my beloved veggies!!


  5. It's my first year of growing potatoes in pots and I haven't harvested any yet. Even if I only get a few, I'll be really pleased and I'm dying to see what they taste like!


  6. Your veggies look lovely. I have only grown potatoes in two bags, first time last year. This year I didn't plant as many seed ones, and am not sure when they are ready. Maybe I should have a feel around in the dark!!!

    My Mum gave me two tomato plants which are growing outside. I don't hold out much hope as they didn't do well last year.

    I really must grow more next year. Can I grow anything over the winter does anyone think


  7. Spuds look great Froogs!
    @ Silversewer – Kale is lovely, I usually shred it fairly finely (cut out any woody stems) and then you can either steam it or add it to stir-fries etc.


  8. Looks great. I've never grown potatoes in bags, did u buy it as is or just use seed potatoes yourself?

    Re: chard, I slice it up and wilt it in a frypan with butter and garlic, even the kids eat it this way.


  9. Oh I bet they tasted could you resist them?
    It's Mid-winter here, cool and wet and my 5 potato plants are doing well. I have broad beans and tomato plants in the ground that are doing well and lots of fresh rocket to pick for salads.

    Will you plant something else in the bags now or just wash and store them?


  10. considering how changeable the weather has been I thnk you have done very well I have not even pulled our potatoes and have had all our beans and spinach attacked by pidgeons.
    Made some soap yesterday using your directions looking good so far I used a Jasmine fragrance and will definately be making some more


  11. My efforts last year at grrowing veg, were somewhat of a disaster. The sprouts, cabbage, french beans, lettuce and peas finally finished, and I got a grand total of 9 edible peas from the whole lot! I need to rethink, and will probably do potatoes in bags next time. We eat lots of new and baked potatoes, and it makes sense to try something we will use virtually every day. I shall try again, but concentrate on one item insead of lots and build up to more. Green fingered I am not LOL. Well done for getting such a great crop. Jo


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