Can you handle it?

 More second hand ‘junk’. None of the furniture was bought new. I painted some ‘utility’ furniture with my favourite ‘French grey’ many years ago and I’ve used up the left over paint all over the house. They were from the auction in Lostwithiel and cost about £5 for the pair. The chest of drawers below were from the reclamation yard behind Union st, called Grosvenor Chambers. It sells everything from marble fire place to piles of tatty half broken furniture, piled up in the street outside. Gary used to accept any reasonable offer! To tart up old tatt! I add nice handles. The bedside drawers in an attempt to create that French shabby chic look and the pine chest, so you had some thing decent to get hold of as they are deep, heavy drawers.

It was scruffy, warped and damp when we got it for £10 about ten years ago. We sanded and sanded it and then waxed and waxed it, until it has a lovely shine. I like to have an assortment of wood and painted surfaces.

I must find some more cheap, second hand furniture to share with you. How do you tart up old tatt?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


7 thoughts on “Can you handle it?

  1. I usually use paint and/or fabric. There are a few pictures of a recently finished chair on my blog , and whilst holidaying in Cornwall last week I bought a Lloyd Loom style ottoman for £6 and squeezed it into the car to bring home with me. I have big plans for it. I also recently turned an old potting bench into a table for the kitchen, using paint and an offcut of MDF to make a new top for it.


  2. This past weekend I repainted my dining table & bathroom dresser with (designer white colour) paint. It's making the rest of the place look a bit scruffy now though!
    I had the paint already and am eyeing up other things! I've also turned a vintage ladder into a grape arbor.
    Do love your little butlers table. Nice job DB.


  3. I really shouldn't read your blog for today as I have three pieces of furniture bought from or given by an old friend who made me promise not to paint them…and now my paintbushes are calling! Really though, they are too good for painting; beautiful oak. But I have painted several lots of melamine furniture and a 70's wood chest of drawers; I did those in blue with white drawer fronts with a folk art tree of life design on the front. And I have a painted lloyd loom laundry basket that has been hideously painted and needs rescuing. So I had better let the paintbrushes loose on that.


  4. “Tarting up old tatt” is a new phrase for me, but I'm pretty sure I get it!

    Like everyone else, paint is my answer. I haven't done much of this, but as I wrote in an earlier comment, I am furnishing and equipping an entire small house on about $2,000. I bought a round oak dining table for $120 and 4 mismatched dining chairs for $4-$7 each…so you can imagine what the chairs look like! All of the chairs are getting a coat of black satin spray paint. The two with upholstered seats are getting new upholstery…by yours truly, of course. The fabric cost $7. I have a couple of chests of drawers, but haven't decided yet how to “tart” them up…but I am sure it will involve paint.

    Love your knobs, Froogs! Keep the ideas coming!


  5. humm… furniture from the tip? let me think…my bedside drawers are 1940s utility ware, 1940s wooden filing cabinet & a small 1930s living room cupboard are all fine as they are, our 2 white chipped dining chairs really need painting, both my lamps were sanded down and re-stained, but my triumph is a garden bench and garden side table/stool bought in parts and sanded the wrought iron and repainted, added new wooden stained slats.


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