Got to get up early to be this stylish!

This photo is a homage to our stunning Vintage Vixen!!!! I even donned the over sized sun glasses in deference!  I actually made it to one of our local jumble sales today. Everything was 20p. I’ve got some skirts, a few tops, two or three scarves, which I love to add to any outfit. One of my scarves was a hand painted silk scarf, that I’ll pass on to mum. My dress isn’t retro, but it’s certainly retro style with its big patterns. It’s a Next wrap around dress. I’ve teamed it with one of the scarves that I bought too. So the cost of my outfit was 40p!!!!!

The huge Klimt print on canvas behind me, was bought years ago from the ‘Chinese shop’ (all locals will know it) on the Barbican on Plymouth’s waterfront. It’s got to be the loveliest thing DB every bought me……it’s the ‘lovers’ and it reminded him of us! It was just the canvas and DB made the frame and stretched it himself.

As promised, I’m going to catch up on my second hand theme and will be back later to blog some of the items that have been titivated after last Sunday’s car boot sale. I’m off to paint a table and I’ll show it to you all later.

See you all again soon,

Froogs xxxxxx


25 thoughts on “Got to get up early to be this stylish!

  1. Don't see many jumble sales these days but they were frequent when I was growing up.

    20p is an incredible price.

    You look great, your healthy eating and exercise is working and may I point out that it is even more incredible to look like that at the stressful end of term. All I seem to be doing is eating.

    Good for you!

    Sft x


  2. It must be the day for jumble sales today as I've been to one this morning too – and it was much better than I'd expected, and flippin' cheap too. Love the dress you found, makes you look tres skinny.


  3. I LOVE the dress. Got two wrap dresses in charity shops recently – they are SO flattering. And how slim you are looking these days.

    Great Klimt too!!

    weekend blessings [enjoy the fact that term has ended] x


  4. I'm honoured! You look stunning, that dress is beautiful on you and I adore those oversized sunnies.
    I'm just back from a jumble sale and have just put the first load in to wash.
    Can't wait to see your revamped treasures. x


  5. I enlarged the photo to see the print in more detail (VERY nice)…and just how skinny are you these days!!

    You look fantastic….well done on sticking to the diet, especially through the stresses of the end of a school year.

    40p for an outfit MUST be the best bargain EVER!!

    Sue xx


  6. Wow you look AMAZING and yes very very stylish. The outfit is immensely flattering and I echo what everyone else has said….you look very slim!

    20p items!! Total bargain. Can't remember the last time I saw a sign for a jumble sale though….you lucky thing! Hope you enjoyed the rummage.


  7. Beautiful, as ever. Boot fairs. You've got me thinking. Jumble sales and boot fairs. Perhaps a boot fair now and again could be my first step back out into the world. 🙂 P x


  8. FG, you look stunning in your new
    What is a jumble sale? I have never heard the term. We have yard sales,
    church fairs, and charity stores


  9. What can I say other than you look stunning Hun.

    Vix truly is a gem isn't she?

    When you think you spent 40p to look stunning when most spend £400 is shows how it pays to be frugal.

    Can't wait to see what you've on to your frugal furniture.

    X x


  10. OMG you look like a movie star. I think I better start on the diet you are on. It was worth all the walking besides everything else you have done. Just wanted to let you know keep up the good work and you look beautiful.


  11. Hi, I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and love it I have started to read from the very beginning. I am just starting my journey of getting rid of debt.
    I have wrote down alots of ideas of yours and I am excited to start.
    I have also become a follower.
    You look lovely in that dress.


  12. Well done Froogs, strewth, don't stand sideways or we will loose you!

    Can we have a weight loss update please? Very inspiring, I am starting the Dukan diet tomorrow, hope it works for me too.


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