I’ve got one of those!

Ta-da! Dualit toaster and my two mug tea pot from Sunday’s car boot sale. Oh the joys of second hand. I’m also sitting here in a fab pair of Long Tall Sally size 14 (which are actually a bit big!) jeans, which arrived from Dearly Beloved. He met our daughter in his lunch break and they perused the Heart Foundation shop on Cornwall Street in Plymouth. Girly of mine was treated to a few bits by Dearly Beloved and they both found the jeans in my size for £7. I really think charity shops are going to price themselves out of the market. Nonetheless, I’m delighted with them! There is truly no more spending here this month or we won’t keep to the budget!

Tonight, as well as doing some gardening, Dearly Beloved is putting another coat of paint of the table we bought at the car boot sale on Sunday. I’m shut in my office getting some school work done. DB has already eaten egg on toast for his supper! It’s anyone’s guess what he’ll have for breakfast.

Over to you all now, what have you managed to find second hand recently, that you’ve either really needed or wanted?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


19 thoughts on “I’ve got one of those!

  1. Charity shops in my area are the same price as new, I don't look anymore unless I see skirts with loads of fabric so I can make my grand-daughter dresses. I will blogging about them soon.
    Julie xxxx


  2. I went to look in our local chrity shop to find a coat to wear at the garden we have just taken over when the weather is bad, I found one, till I looked at the price….£15 I do not think so…….I do have difficulty finding clothes in my size that are not black, I look dreadful in black, never wear it, either grey or Navy are my black.


  3. Didn't need them, but bought them anyway – a set of 6 hand painted small plates from The Pier for £1 for the whole set! I thought they meant each, but when I got to the till it was just £1.00 (would have bought them for £6.00 as well – they are gorgeous!). There are some charity shops that are still very well priced, but most are now too expensive. I used to get my books from there. I read a lot and at 20p each (and they got them back to resell) it was brilliant. Now they are 50p to £1.00 each and I can no longer indulge….


  4. LOVE the toaster Froogs. I'll bet you're chuffed with it.

    I had a good buy the other week – bought a French Connection top from a marked down rail in a non-local charity shop and tried it on at home. It made me look fat, so I put it on Ebay – and it fetched £10.50! Not had hey? So I lost a bit on the postage, but at that rate, whocares.


  5. You aren't wrong abot charity shops. We want a sofa for our conservatory, nothing fancy just somewhere comfy to sit. I was shocked to see the charity shops were charging £150+ for second hand sofas.


  6. It comes to something, doesn`t it, when you can`t afford to shop in the charity shops – but that`s the way it`s going. I find car boot sales more affordable – pity they`re so dependent on the weather! What a sweetie DB is – can`t see my husband buying me clothes! As an aside, my best bargain of the week wasn`t second-hand, but – in Superdrug there was a 10p shelf, and I stocked up on Recital hair colour. 10p! Usually about 7 quid, so I don`t usually buy the branded ones!


  7. I work in Farnham (fairly affluent Surrey) and the charity shops there charge a lot too; in fact even the ones near where we live in Hampshire seem to be higher than expected and rarely have 50p/£1 rails. When we moved a couple of months ago, we realised our existing sofa would not fit our new flat so managed to utilise a smaller one in the conservatory. I was really lucky and managed to buy some material which almost matches the old chair from our suite. This made a very generous throw for the 'new' settee. I was then looking for a holdall to put my craft work in and looked around and found a footstool for £5. With a bit of careful cutting I was able to cover the footstool, so now it all looks as good as new – total cost £29 – much cheaper than a complete new suite!


  8. Size 14 jeans! Mine developed a hole in the knee, so I visited M&S and found a pair in their sale for £9, but they weren't right. Popped into the BHF shop next door and found a pair of size 14 M&S jeans for £4.30!


  9. Great toaster Froogs. I think charity shops are pricing things too high nowadays and I volunteer in one. The staff have to follow strict pricing procedures from the big knobs in head office. Sometimes I feel awful about putting items out for sale at silly prices. The over pricing will lower shops profits because people just put things back when they see the price.


  10. Charity shops around here tend to be silly money, but I did notice when we were in Cornwall they were a LOT more reasonable. Will be having a browse around some Norfolk ones over the weekend. Best bargain recently was a couple of gorgeous bead necklaces – one each for me and my Mum – for £1 each!


  11. Just bought all of our winter coats for under £25 from eBay! And a man at a car boot actually gave us a bag of baby clothes for free though I was willing to pay, which was very kind.

    Charity shops are OK in the more affluent parts of the city here and not too expensive, but they are moving towards selling things as 'vintage' and price them accordingly. I think that middle class earners are feeling the pinch and that is pushing up demand in charity shops – hence the higher prices?


  12. I am in the process of furnishing a small home “from scratch.” My budget was $1,000 for EVERYTHING. I nearly made it, too, except that I never could find a decent sofa. So, I went over my budget with a leather sofa from Costco that I'm sure we'll use forever. THEN I found the used sofa of my dreams, LOL, for $135. Naturally! Well, I don't know too many people who have furnished and equipped a house for what I have, and I lovelovelove everything I've bought…especially the moose dishes!

    This week I have been spray-painting the odd dining chairs I bought for $4-$7 each. None of them are alike–but they are all going to be black. The round oak table was $120.

    My very favorite deal was a very high quality boning knife for 35 cents!


  13. Yes lovely toater . I did have a cream version of one of those but a 2 slice one. Alas it is not with me anymore. My second hand thing that I have needed was a potato masher for a quid. Its an old vintage one that looks modern day!but has stood the test of time. Also juniors sleeping bag for camp for 3 pound,aerobics mat for 1 pound for under his sleeping bag & huge travel bag £1.50. Its so nice when it is something that is needed that you get at a fraction of the price gives you a glow in your tummy!!


  14. I had been pining for a greenhouse for sooo long. It is difficult buying them second hand as I have tried before and paid £100 for one which wouldn't fit back together properly. New, they were £300+ but I happened to be on Freecycle one day and was offered a 10ft by 8ft beauty for nothing!! It cost us £20 for replacement screws, but brand new greenhouses that size are £700 so we were delighted.
    And have already eaten £20 worth of cucumbers, basil and tomatoes from it…so I think we break even!


  15. our best non buy is our washing machine which we got from freecycle. Our old machine broke down and I took it completely to bits to see if we could mend it but some of the metal inside had snapped off, so no use. Then on freecycle someone with the same make offered hers with broken motor. Very lucky and killed 2 birds with 1 stone because she wanted it gone as her insurance had provided another one and we wanted 1 that worked.


  16. Hi FQ, just had to say love the toaster, what a bargain. Thank you for the inspiration….. have been dipping in and out of your blog for months. Because of you_have discovered CS. Great find,……have just bought a blood red leather chair for £60. would have cost £900.ish new, match for my over priced shop bought…. pre your bog…. sofas. Keep up the blogging Love and Cuddles Kim from Northern Irelandxx


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