I want one of those!

I don’t eat toast, but then, I have forsaken carbs! Dearly Beloved loves toast (I feel like the lady on the Aldi advert “I don’t like tea, I like gin”). He’s as frugal as I am. I’ve wanted a Dualit toaster for the best part of twenty years and never ever would I have parted with £100 for one. Dearly Beloved goes to the auction house in Colin Campbell Court in Plymouth, usually looking for radios to sell on eBay. Today he bought a toaster for £25 plus the 15% commision, so £28.75 altogether. The auction house PAT tests everything electrical and this was listed ‘as new’ and came in the box it was sold in, with the price tag still on it from Debenhams!

He brings it home tomorrow.

It’s a hard world out there at the moment, but we often buy really good items at ‘household sales’ and many items are being sold on behalf or creditors after being seized by baliffs. It’s a timely reminder of how vulgar and crippling debt can be if it was run up simply to own shiney ‘stuff’. To them, originally £112 pounds, plus legal costs, plus a bad credit reference, plus the suffering of baliffs entering your home and taking your possessions away. To us, a top quality toaster for Dearly Beloved’s brekkie at a fraction of the price.

Making do with second hand really is the way forward!!!

Until tomorrow (when I’ll post a photo of the real toaster) Love Froogs xxx


22 thoughts on “I want one of those!

  1. We did buy a Dualit toaster years ago – in the sale and with a discount on top. We kept having to replace the heating elements at first but then Dualit changed their design and it's been fine since then. Is it the one with a slot for toasted sandwiches?


  2. I am flabbergasted! Being American, I could never imagine bailiffs coming into our homes and taking away possessions. It's like a weird movie. Do they honestly do that? or is it just one of those things they threaten you with? We can have houses foreclosed on or cars repossessed, but anything else is not touchable, as far as I know. I guess they consider it not worth their effort to recover. I suppose if you bought expensive jewelry or something, they would come get that.


  3. Hi Cathy, Here, if you owe money, they can take everything, even pets or animals. They have to leave you, your bed, your clothes and the tools of your trade. They will go into houses and take kids' toys anything, if you owe money the baliffs will get it. They are not allowed to break in, but they just get a warrant and the police let them in. They take perfume, toiletries. There is a massive second hand goods market in the UK and auctions are very popular. We don't have anything new and bought our computers, i pod, phone, car..etc everything second hand


  4. You can't beat a good second-hand bargain. Not only is the price always waaaay better than buying new but you're also helping save the planet by not buying something that has been newly manufactured – and more than likely shipped from China too. I've been buying second-hand for the past thirty years or so and hate having to buy anything new. No matter what it is you're looking for chances are if you wait long enough it'll turn up second-hand eventually.


  5. we have the same bailif system here, infact that was my fatherinlaws job, better half used to disconnect power and would pass dad in the drive about to take fridge, kitchen table, tvs the works. dont hear alot of it nowdays though. i cannot imagine paying 112 for a toaster, its bloody toast!! you can do it over an element, in the mini oven under a grill, over a fire. just another example of the power of advertising.


  6. Is it a REAL Dualit? I've always wanted one. When my last toaster went kaput, so did the fridge and something else, so I bought a toaster from Argos. Maybe next time?

    I hope DB enjoys his breakfast toast, you will 'enjoy' it with him.


  7. I have had a Dualit toaster for years–four slices and yes the one with the bits for making toasted sandwiches. It make brilliant toast and has never given me a moment's trouble. I would guess I would have paid out much the same money in cheap non lasting toasters in that time. I always buy quality if I possibly can because it saves money in the long run and you get a better product too. So much the better if you can find one new and second-hand at the same time. Well done you! Also it's cheaper to make toast in a toaster than under the grill, Brendie.


  8. Thanks for answering Cathy's question. I never heard of the law just entering a home and taking things even with a court order. They
    can repossess a car or truck for back
    payments but must let you remove anything personal first. If a home is foreclosed the family has a set number of days set by the court to
    remove contents. I have a distant
    relative who works in the courts and she said in 35 years in the
    courts she has never heard of anything like this here in the states.
    Can they really recoup debt by selling personal things such as
    perfume,clothing and so on?
    I was overwhelmed when I read it.
    All this being said I am glad you
    are getting the toaster you always wanted.


  9. A brilliant purchase.

    I really do prefer, whenever we can, to get a really good brand/model of something, you know it will last and when/if it goes wrong you know you will be able to get the parts to fix it. So a wise purchase for any 'frugaller'.

    Sue xx


  10. Super find! The Dualit! So cool. What fun!
    My toaster is the Woolworths own cheapest one I gave my son to take to uni 10 years ago. Cost £6ish. He brought it back here 7 years ago, I cleaned it up (!) and it spent 3 years in a cupboard. When my Tesco one broke down, 4 years ago, I got it out, thinking it would last about 6 months. But it's still going strong and I use it nearly every day. I don't want to hurt its feelings by dissing it, it's doing a great job for us. But it's white plastic and seriously uncool…


  11. How much?? We have the shiny chrome four-slicer and the kitchen scales to match; they were both here when I moved in with BH a few years ago. I didn't know they were anything special though, but they do their respective jobs well. Congratulations on getting a bargain!


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