Making do with things I can afford

I’ve had a big think about what to write about this week and I’m going to blog about the world of ‘second hand’. I went to a car boot sale today and bought a table, two pictures and a tea pot and spent £12. I will be ‘doing them up’ and I’ll blog them this week. I’m on the look out or even scrounge for some egg shell paint for the table and will keep my eyes open.

Blogger has been ‘broken’ all day and I have read blogs but I’ve been unable to leave comments. Thanks so much to those of you who left comments for me to read; it’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I will be very late at work tomorrow night and may not get the keyboard at all.

Come back next week for some of my second hand world and how I make do with what I can afford.

Until then,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Making do with things I can afford

  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your before/after shots too…

    I've got plenty of little benches and cupboards here at home that need some redoing…wanting to go from darker primitive colors to a softer garden look…


  2. i had a week of it with blogger too, and my better half has had his profile removed…after it asked for his phone number and he wouldnt put it in! how that verifies someone is beyond understanding,reality though he probably looked at porn and got a virus lol. anyway look forward to your finds.


  3. I do love car boot sales. Its the one place money can stretch a long way. Cant say that about a lot of places nowadays!.I have bought things & done them up & thats part of the fun giving something new life & a new use. Look forward to seeing your revamps x


  4. Blogger has been 'funny' recently. I even lost my blog on and off for about three weeks. Then I found I couldn't leave comments on some blogs till a kind blogger said unclick “stay signed in”, and I had to put my mobile number in on one occaision, bit wary but it was OK!
    Julie xxxxx


  5. I get a lot of small furniture from our local tip, £2 or £3 an item and use good old Homebase eggshell for this, better than any of the expensive paints, lovely matt finish. A woman at our car boot yesterday was asking £300 for a tea service, methinks she is out of touch. Nearly the end of term for you, don't let them get to you.


  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your before and afters too. Most of my furniture is from the to shop, some from car boot… Had amazing score this weekend: waterbutt, 1930s cupboard and a recliner garden chair! Thanks for saying about blogger too, I thought it was my computer at fault. Yours is the only blog I've been able to comment on all week.


  7. I love car boots too but hardly ever get to one now as they stopped the regular ones around here and we don't have a car to travel further afield. Must have a wander around some charity shops though, there's a new RSPCA one opening up soon.


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