Hitting the sales!

 I know what you’re thinking! I really must clean that mirror, the reflection is dirtier than the mirror and I will get some vinegar on it after I’ve finished this blog. And yes, that is Buzz Lightyear on the top of my wardrobe! Foster Mummy and I hit the charity shops today. I bought the Tracey Boyd striped skinny jumper in the Doggy Charity shop off the 50p rail and the Principles jacket was off the 75p rail in the Sally Army shop. The jumper is great for the weekend with shorts or a pair of jeans and the jacket will co-ordinate well with black or grey trousers for work.

I must add though, that I’m not intending to stay a size 14 so I won’t be buying too many clothes. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open for bargains that will give me a few alternatives to the clothes I have that fit me. Most are too big but I’ve still got all of my size 12 suits and smart clothes and hopefully, I will be going back to school in them this September.

Anyone else get any incredible bargains this weekend?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Hitting the sales!

  1. Last weekend I did a (much needed) stock up on underwear in Primarni. Packs of socks for either £2 or £2.50. Brilliant! I also picked up a gorgeous scarf for £2. I am easily pleased 🙂 . Love the jacket btw!


  2. Wow your charity shops are very cheap! Where I live you barely get anything decent for less than £3 – £4. but you've put me in the mood for a mooch around a few shops anyway. Maybe I can plan that in after NEXT pay day.

    No bargains for me this weekend however I did clean my little car thoroughly inside & out rather than take it to the local place (would have been a tenner for inside & out…too extravagant right now!) and bought some Veet wax strips to do my own waxing rather than book in for someone else to do it.

    Thanks for your ongoing inspiration. x


  3. Oh how funny – we have Woody on top of OUR wardrobe in exactly the same position as your Buzz!!! hehehe….. lovely bargains – you're looking very trim Missus!!


  4. You found some great bargains. I wish we had charity shops in my area but we don't. The nearest would be a 30minute drive each way. They also are more expensive than those you visit. I hope you and FM had a great day of it.


  5. I wish we have charity shop in France !
    The only we have are the Emmaüs and they don't sell a lot of clothes in my area…
    Each time I go to see my sister in Kent, I go charity shop shopping !


  6. Hi everyone, A lot of things in charity shops are really expensive now. In Oxfam and British Heart Foundation, I think their prices are now putting people off buying there. Our local community centre has a shop and all clothes are 50p, in the Woodside Animal shelter shop most things have a set price, dresses usually £3, skirts and blouses £2, tee shirts and kids clothes £1 and they have rails of 50p clothes. Our local Air Ambulance and the Hospice have warehouses of washing machines, furniture and all of them will give stuff away if people are desperate. At the car boot sale today, some prices were silly, some one wanted £5 for a gas kettle for my camping stove and wouldn't reduce it! but clothes are really cheap as new clothes are really cheap. you can buy a decent dress in marks and spencer for £35 and a coat for £60 and really good shoes for £20, so second hand clothes are really cheap.


  7. I'm glad you had some good buys – I did too. It makes shopping more fun when you find something you like doesn't it?
    I love your stripy jumper. It suits you very well.
    Love from Mum


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