Walking back to happiness.

A very serious looking, post walk Froogs wearing – LA Gear t-shirt £1 charity shop, Per Una jeans BNWT ebay £8 and Reebok trainers from the Sally Army shop for £2.

Thanks everybody for your supportive and encouraging remarks and comments yesterday. So much came out into the open yesterday that I’ve spent today reeling. I’ll come to terms with it all when I can. In the mean time, I’ll just keep the door, lines of communication, my mind and my heart open.

I’ve always found exercise to be a great stress reliever; if I’ve had a tough day, then a 3.5 mile walk up and down the hilliest hills I can find leave me a lot less worried. I thought I would use this blog to share my weight loss up date. I have kept going, as best I can with a few hiccups, with my frugal weight loss journey. I’m itching to spend some money on a gym, or at least on some sports clothes but I’ve just not got it sensibly to spare when every penny is needed else where. I go out and stride (I don’t like ‘power walking’) in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Now though, I’m doing it in a size 14 pair of jeans and size 14 tee shirt. The jeans are still a little too small and I like them to be more boot cut, but as I have hulking great legs and cankles, they look like skinny jeans!!! They will be my photo me and measure me jeans so I can look back and see ‘where I was’. My weight has gone up and down a bit recently but it’s settling at 12′ 8lbs and I hope to get it down to 12′ by August!

For those of you interested in the Dukan Diet, I’m back to making sure that no carbs go any where near me and it’s no surprise, but when I eliminate them, then I go back to losing weight. It works and I’ve just got to stick to it!

Thanks again everyone, we’ll get through this somehow……………and the diet!!!

Until tomorrow


14 thoughts on “Walking back to happiness.

  1. Wow Froogs, I haven't been near any blogs recently, but I just read this post and I have to say you look stunning my dear. What you have been doing is clearly doing you the world of good as you look radiant and beautiful. Hugs.xxx


  2. Wow, you look fab in that photo! You have great will power to stay away from carbs and your reward is clear in your photo as you look amazing.
    Were you on strike today? My hubby is NUT and was, my eldest was off, my youngest was in (only 4 classes in her school were) and I am NASUWT so we didn't have children in but went in to tidy and do paperwork.


  3. FQ, you look great love. You look fit and well and hopefully happy.

    I know you don't usually blog about this kind of thing, but I wondered if you would tell us what your thoughts were on the strike action today? I'm not in the public sector but I have family who are… I'm always interested in hearing other people's opinions!


  4. Hi Froogs, I think you look very trim and slim, you are a great advert for the Dukan diet. I hope that after yesterday your daughter will be able to move forward, baby steps, wishing you a relaxing and peaceful time x


  5. Glad to hear that thinks are a little better.

    You look fantastic in this get up! Very skinny infact!

    I'm trying to loose weight and its doing my head in! My problem is lack of will power.

    X x


  6. You are looking GREAT!You are right about exercise helping when life is stressful.

    I'm running 'in public' now , in readiness for sponsored event on July 14th , and have lost 14lbs, so I just treated myself to some running shorts in SportsDirect's sale [terrified the loose old jogging bottoms will drop off!] You should check out SD – they do have some real bargains

    keep it up, girl – we're all behind you – blessings x


  7. You look great ! you really don't look overweight, I understand nothing about stones and pounds, so I can't figure how much you weight, but the actual weight doesn't mean a lot, as a healthy weight can be quite different between 2 people of the same height (does this make sense ???)


  8. Looking good Froogs, I also find that
    a walk clears the mind and settles my thoughts, helps me 'see' a little more clearly. You can keep the gyms and all that malarkey, just cost money and ultimately become boring and slavish. Glad your feeling a tad better me dear.


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