Really cheap and low calorie lunch

Thanks to everyone who left messages to cheer me yesterday. I’ve done what I can to do as much school paper work as I can, and I’ve done as much to the garden as I can and as much to the house as I can. Good food brightened today.

For lunch today, I made a tomato, courgette and finely diced shallot omelette for both of us. Dearly Beloved had some homegrown new potatoes with his and we both had steamed green beans (courgettes, beans and shallots were home grown). I made a dessert from some lovely rhubarb that I was given yesterday. Before I ate any, being a follower of the Dukan Diet, I checked the ‘stats’ for rhubarb. 21 calories per 100g, high in fibre and vitamin C and K and calcium and potassium, 4.5g of carbohydrates of which on 1.1g sugars, so in Dukan terms – it’s a winner. (Technically it’s a vegetable, not a fruit as the sugar content is so low and it’s 96% water)

I diced and cooked the rhubarb in a tablespoon of water until soft, allowed it to cool and added ‘Splenda’ to taste, I didn’t want it to lose its sharpness. I then mixed it with a pot of almost fat free cream cheese (you could use Quark) until there were no cheese lumps and then poured it into small bowls and we have two portions each. I left it to set, it is what we call a Rhubarb Fool, you can do the same with raspberries, blackcurrants or strawberries. Fantastic English summer desserts. It was really, really nice.

 I’m feeling vile about myself as my weight has gone back up to 12 stone and 12 lbs, but I’m being very careful about calories intake and making sure I get an hour’s exercise a day. It’s going to be hard if it gets hot but I’ll try and split it into 30 mins in the morning and then the same in the evening.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Really cheap and low calorie lunch

  1. Try not to be too disheartened, this happens sometimes on the Dukan Diet, when it happened to me I said 'sod it' and had a two day carbs fest…yes I put on about 3lbs but then I went back to beginning and was really strict for 3 days, then the weight started shifting again and I continued to my True Weight within weeks.

    Those Pringles never tasted so good…lol!!

    Sue xx


  2. I found my weight began to shift when I changed my exercise. Now I do 2 days a week where I do intervals.
    You can do it with any exercise where you can make it harder and easier so for walking, you would alternate 1 minute fast and 1.30 slow for your 30 minutes.The thinking is you get your heart rate up in the 1 minute and the slow bit lets you recover before the next fast bit.
    We had rhubarb too today (crumble with raisins).


  3. You looked really good in that photo you posted, so do not despair. I admire your determination. So much so that I have got the Dukan Diet book. Just need to read it now and do what it says!


  4. It's never easy losing weight me dear Froogs, but the way I look at it is that I've tried different diets over the years (yes even some gruff men from Wales worry about health)and because you tend to class them as something different from the norm you find yourself constantly thinking about them so they become harder to practice. My advice (it's working for me at the mo) is not to think of it as a diet but the way it's going to be for the rest of your life, so I don't cut out anything (the banned is what we want most) I just eat a bit less of the unhealthy stuff, exercise more but fit it into a routine which can be held for life and vary the exercise;- walking, swimming cycling etc. so that it does not become a chore. If you slip for a day so bleedin' what! it's just life and we cannot become so rigid in our patterns that it becomes unbearably hard to follow. Hope this helps a tad me dear.


  5. Glad you're feeling better than your were, weight loss is a tricky, long slug but I'm sure you'll get there. If you can shed so much debt then I'm sure you'll get where you want to be with your weight x


  6. I love your alternative to fruit fools! which I love, but can't be doing with the usual gallons of cream in them. I might have to try the Quark/low fat cream cheese alternative.

    Don't despair on the weight front, as many others have said, in all weight-loss attempts there are moments where we plateau and the blooming weight will simply *not* come off. You have to either give yourself a day off, or just keep at it.


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