Crazy rain and crazy plants!

The garden spent most of May parched and I saved every drop of water available to get anything to grow. It has rained for days on end and everything has grown incredibly quickly. The potatoes needed more light, so I’ve moved them onto the patio. They have doubled in size in a week. I think we’ll have to start eating them. As you can see, it’s a jungle

 The plants in the poly tunnel have suffered from days without light. They are being fed and fertilised and yet they still look yellow. I’m going to have to limbo dance the sweetcorn outside, it’s doing really well!

What thriving and what’s suffering in your garden with our crazy weather?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


17 thoughts on “Crazy rain and crazy plants!

  1. Your sweet corn looks like it wants to escape! The rain certainly makes the garden grow – and the weeds! This uncertain weather stops and starts the veg. but we've started eating our garden now and I'm not buying as much veg from the shops. It helps with the pennies.
    Love from Mum


  2. all baby figlets dropped off
    yellow peeprs appear to be thriving [first year of attempting them] as do peas and sweet peas.
    No sign of the sunflower seeds I planted whatsoever.
    I can't do this horticulture stuff like you can!!!

    weeds thriving

    blessings x


  3. Potatoes seem to be growing well, two courgettes are nearly ready, salad is great, strawberries and rhubarb are flourishing, green beans are coming along nicely, the carrots too.

    I'm well pleased with the veg etc, much less pleased at the number of weeds sprouting up, I can't seem to keep up with them!


  4. My garden is just a jungle..just not had the time this year to get outside, but it does mean the wild growth has kept the moisture in the soil and things like gooseberries and currents are doing really well. Just need to get to them before the birds!

    Vicky x


  5. not much in the garden at the moment, a few lettuce some russian kale, i have just harvested my broccoli. the herbs are going well. weve had enormouse amounts of rain, not constant just big downpours for a few minutes/hours, so its sodden. big thunder and lightning storm last night.


  6. Have just got back from the allotment with 2 large punnets of strawberries, 1 of raspberries, a couple of courgettes, loads of onions and spring onions , and yet another load of Jersey potatoes( they are the Jersey variety, but I don't think that technically they can be called Jerseys unless they are grown there, which mine aren't!) The gooseberries were dire this year, despite all the pruning to ensure there was plenty of air to the middle of them, every bush got mildew. I will be digging them up and replacing them with something else, as the mildew has got worse every year.Most other things are doing ok, though our growing season started much later this year as May was so cold.The tomatoes,peppers and chilis in the greenhouse at home are doing well also. We are really lucky to have the allotment as it saves us a fortune, and means we can eat things like the soft fruits which I wouldn't be able to buy due to the cost.


  7. Wow the weather is really making things grow fast! We've either got it bright and hot or huge rainstorms here so although I'm not growing anything edible, all my plants including sweat peas and my sons sunflowers are shooting up. The rain been a welcome relief for my lawn – all my neighbours had sprinklers going for May but what a waste!!


  8. My strawberries and raspberries have suffered a lot of the lack of water and too hot weather (teeny tiny fruits),but we had a lot of nice gooseberries this year
    Otherwise, the veggies are doing well, we will soon have tomatoes, we already have cherry tomatoes, a lot of courgettes…
    After a difficult start, the green beans are doing good too, the bell peppers and cayenne peppers have just started to blossom, which is a bit late !
    I was amazed today to discover that our hazelnuts are almost ripe, we use to get them at the end of august, that's quite early !
    You're right, I have been growing my own veggies for 13 years and this year is kind of crazy !


  9. Beets, radish, cauli, kale and cabbage have been gobbled by groundhogs. Fortunately they don't seem to like onions and garlic!
    The veggy patch needs all the rain we are having, I don't.
    Jane x


  10. Hi
    We are in Surrey and the weather seems to be making everything early this year. We have already had :pak choi,lettuce,radish,strawberries,courgettes,potatoes,cucumbers,dwarf beans(lots,I put 750g in the freezer today!)Raspberries (again lots, have been freezing them daily as we can't eat them quick enough)Rhubarb.But the one that i was really surprised at was this morning i picked a cauliflower!!(From our new small polytunnel)My tomatoes have also started to ripen. We invested in a small poltunnel this year 2x3m, and everything we have put in there has so far loved it even more than the greenhouse. It is very humid in there.A great investment as our garden centre had reduced it to £40!
    Hope your gardens are going well


  11. Potatoes – the few that I have appear to be doing well, the beans look alive, salad leaves – nil, cauliflower- nil, Rhubarb was fine in may though I don't eat it past spring as I think it tastes woody.
    Hmmm not good at horticulture – not much time to dedicate really.

    My poor red currant tree is being attacked by caterpillars – tiny ones on the leaves – don't know what to do about it, any ideas???


  12. I've pretty much had a disaster this year hence no posts about the garden.
    Soo many seeds didn't start, then what didn't parch got blown away in the winds and what didn't get blown away subsequently drowned in the torrential down pours we've had. A lot of plants, especially fruit bushes, go into water shock there are large periods of dry and wet. A few die. I'm thinking about the autumn plantings now for winter/next year and sod it.


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