Frugal Queen’ll Fix it!

The bottom of my fridge kept filling up with water, so I turned to my trusty guide book which helps me fix any thing and it is called……………….Google! I simply searched “Why is there water in the bottom of my fridge?” It was one of two things. Either, the drainage pipe to the collection tray is blocked. (I ran downstairs, pulled the fridge out and had a look……clean pipe, no gunk and no blockage…….back to Google!) or the drain hole inside the fridge is blocked. (After coming back up again, I wizzed downstair, pulled out all the shelves from the fridge, found the drain hole and it was blocked!!!!!) I unblocked it and gave the fridge a good clean with some hot water and bicarb! Everything is good and working again!

I’m feeling very clever as Dearly Beloved thought we need a new fridge! No way! It is only six years old and we’ve got to get a lot more wear out of it!!!

So my lovely frugallers, what have you fixed recently and kept going for another day???

Until tomorrow,

All my love, Froogs xxxx


20 thoughts on “Frugal Queen’ll Fix it!

  1. What did we do before the internet? It is wonderful. I have spent two days decorating a bedroom. So not really 'fixing' anything but not paying anyone else to do it and exhausting myself as well. I ache all over so it must have done me good! Very satisfying.


  2. Afraid in my house its OH who is the fixer [ but then he is an engineer] – recent mends have been the television, the fridge freezer, the garage door mechanism, and the squeeky bed. He saves us pounds but then so do I but in my case with the cooking, shopping, and sewing skills. Very gender biased , I know but that is the way it works best for us.


  3. We fixed our fan oven this week. Its 4 years old and the element burnt out. Google said it was an easy fix so I ordered the part for £16 including postage and DH couldnt believe how easy it was. We were so pleased with ourselves as we are struggling at the moment.


  4. I am so impressed with everyone's ability to fix things – my hubbie and I are hopeless but I think we will perhaps refer to google and see if we could attempt some of the minor jobs.
    It's either that or live without (where possible) as everythings so expensive these days.
    Thanks for the tip!


  5. With your fridge/freezer just six years old, you'd need to be very unlucky for it to have died. (Ours is 30 years old and still going strong.)

    I'd never claim to be frugal, but I do many repairs around the house because I can't stand the thought of paying someone else to do a job that I can do as well, if not better.

    This can, of course, go spectacularly wrong…


  6. haha love angelas motto. we thought we might need a new tv, it was making a terrible hum which at times was so bad we couldnt hear the programs, now i dont give a hoot for tv but glen loves his evening tv. my sister mentioned does it make more noise when different colours come up. yip i said, when there is lots of white on the screen, argh she says, its dust…LOL inside on the sound thingy, so we had to remove the back cover, very carefully, seems tvs hold massive charges even when unplugged, so glen who is a sparky removes the covers, vacuums, blows, and removes as much dust as possible, and puts it back together, brilliant, now we dont need a new tv. its only about 15 years old and second hand!


  7. The last thing Ifixed was actually my slippers, the sole had come away, usually I would have just gone and got a new pair, but this time I used strong needle and thread and sewed them back together.

    My main thing to fix at the moment is my Lovely Hubbys' health, an important fix I think, so I'm working very hard on that one!!

    Sue xx


  8. Think I'm fixing me life slowly Froogs :o) seems to be getting better all the time, course it good just be the summer or then again some of your wonderful advice on being frugal!!!


  9. I sliced off some lawn where the conservatory people just dumped flags down and lawn growing between flags, moved flags, levelled ground and laid membrane then gravel which I had brought from C&C, & carried from car to back. It was really hard work but don't know whether I can face the other side which needs doing.

    Also, fixed my vacuum cleaner, whilst on the phone to Sebo. It was a blockage right up one of the tubes, so yay, great. Mind you I managed to destroy an Aldi bagless one which a neighbour had given to me. Shame as it was really lightweight and great for stairs and bedrooms.

    Good on you for fixing the fridge. Mine leaks, maybe I should clear it out and see if that fixes it.


  10. My plastic washing/ironing baskets are falling apart BUT I refuse to get rid of them because I found the solution to life's DIY problems. Sellotape LOL.
    These baskets are probably around 15 years old and still going strong thanks to my love affair with sticky tape. I blame Blue Peter LOL


  11. My house window don't go up and down , they open like slider doors. I needed to put in the air conditioner in and had somehow misplace the painted wood board to block the open top, about 2 Feet.I took a very large plastic storage tub container lid and cello taped it to the window frame, works like a charm.I really can't afford the electric bill ,but at my age sweating in the heat can be dangerous. Best wishes Roxy


  12. Morgan, that's probably your washing machine pump. It is probably held on there with 4 screws. I fixed one myself about 30 years ago and I am NOT mechanical. (But my husband was away on business and I was broke and home with two little kids…it's amazing what you can do when you are desperate).

    I have a Bissell Pet Bot for cleaning up dog messes. It quit after about 2 years. I got on the internet and figured out it was probably the pump. DH isn't any more mechanical than I am, but I ordered the part for $18, followed internet instructions to take the thing apart, and DH installed the pump. It works! Since we also do not work well together, this was my proudest moment!

    I am about to mend a crocheted lace tablecloth, and I don't really know how to crochet! Wish me luck!


  13. It is usually beloved that does most of the fixing and diy around the house, but I can darn a sock, sew on a button and Im a dab hand at unblocking drains with hot water, vinegar and soda crystals x


  14. We have had a very frustrating few weeks with fixing (or rather not fixing) things. Our Dyson, which has had nearly every part replaced, finally gave up the ghost and we reluctantly bought a new one. The car gear box is refusing to go into 4th gear and it's not worth replacing. We can trundle around in it for a while until we've saved up enough for another. My OH broke his tooth, and that one has to be fixed!


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