Hey big spender!

 After a week of being so frugal I squeaked when I walked, today loosened up my wallet a bit! We walked into Liskeard this morning for a charity shop mooch. I bought this lovely blue top for £3 in the Hospice shop – excuse the mess in the back ground, I really should tidy up.

£6 – a bit steep but I haven’t spent any money in ages.

 Later, we had a look around a second hand shop in Callington that specialised in furniture with some accessories too. I bought the lovely little harbour scene print, because it reminds me of Polkerris, although the real harbour wall doesn’t have a light house.

£4 for the butter dish; I think it’s really pretty!

I also bought this spotty butter dish. We don’t eat butter but the soya marg tub fits inside perfectly. I promise I’ll go back to my frugal ways and not spend any money on pretty things! Have any of you ‘wasted’ a few quid recently?


22 thoughts on “Hey big spender!

  1. We just spent a lot of money on doors for our house. I would not dream of parting with all that cash for a car, a holiday or clothes, but for my home it is worth every penny.I spent a long time researching for what I wanted and chose with care. I shall enjoy them every day and never regret their purchase.


  2. I somehow managed to find myself with 3 very pretty nightlight holders that I most definitely didn't need. However, they were from £land!! Went back later this week and bought 2 more lots for presents so redeemed myself frugally!


  3. I bought a pair of children's Start-rite sandals in a charity shop for £4, brand new, navy blue. The type of chunky sandals I can wear when camping and will look good with jeans. They are a bit stiff yet but they have a slightly squishy insole, so they should be OK. I normally like brown but at £4 one can't be choosy hey?

    I also bought for £3.99 a running top jacket thing from Aldi, purple, that says 'waterproof'. That will be great for cycling this summer (says it all doesn't it?)


  4. I have just spent a lot of money on sorting the wiring in our new house , and buying a new front door. This week the ridge tiles on the roof are being repointed, so that will be more money spent. I can't wait to spend a little bit on actually making the place look nice, rather than fixing it, though by the time I get round to it, all those things that I have packed away in boxes will seem like new, so maybe I won't have to spend any money at all!


  5. hi I think sometimes you do just have to treat yourself. I have been thinking a lot lately and I do think sometimes we have to find a balance. Something that can be hard on a frugal journey!


  6. A meal out for five at Frankie and Benny's – the first time all five of us have been together for ages couldn't be allowed to pass by without some celebration.
    And yes, I did regret it afterwards 😦

    K xx


  7. Just starting out on a two hour car journey I stopped at Starbucks for an extra hot grande latte (I never buy food or drink out so it was a treat) an no I did nt feel bad about – I even put a tip in the jar.
    Love the butter dish and yes, you look very slim !

    I love charity shops – I can support my habit without breaking the bank and I always seem to love what I buy there.


  8. A silver plated Edwardian Serving Fork. I have forks. Lots of them. But this was £1 and it brings me joy!
    So I guess it wasn't a waste of money
    The top looks great on your sylph-like figure!!!!


  9. Money not wasted if spent on anything practical,recycled or simply cherished in my books….where as I spent 65p on a galaxy raisin,hazelnut and almond choc bar and devoured it in about 10mins! That was wasted apart from the satisfaction I got eating it!
    Love the spotty butter dish!

    Sandie xx


  10. Loved your bargains, especially the lovely little butter dish.
    We had a big clean out from our wardrobes today, amazing how many things you can accumulate. Well we now have three large piles, one for the charity shop, another of giveaways for friends and family and another for rubbish.
    It is funny how you can do this and in no time at all things seem to multiply and there is more.

    We have a great charity shop just near work and I try to go in every couple of weeks. I have managed to get a nice pair of jeans, which looked brand new and a couple of tops, all to go on my trip in August.
    Started pulling out the clothes we need, just to see what else we need to have, but have found that there won't be much at all. Any hints for the weather in mid September in Cornwall would be appreciated.

    I have loved watching the bargains you have managed to find.


  11. looking good jane.
    dear aunty froogs, i confess the sin of spending money. last week i bought 3 skirts on line and paid…$5 Yes!!!!
    i did splash out for glens birthday, spending an extra $100 on food, lots of cheeses and fancy stuff for his birthday. p.s. the butter dish is very attractive and useful too.


  12. Great post. I also love the comments and hearing about what all your readers are spending their money on. Yesterday I bought a water filer for my kitchen faucet, a nightlight and extra bulbs and peanut butter cookies. I put the cookies in the freezer and have only one a day. I do try to only have one every other day, but that doesn't always work. Needless to say Froogs, I don't look like you!


  13. I spent about £7.00 on a new pair of linen trousers and two vest tops recently. All bought at the charity shop, bargin.

    Love your butter dish, so cute.


  14. I love charity shops too and they are the only places I regularly shop at (and by regularly that still isn't very often).

    Why feel guilty..the charity wins and you win.

    As a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds I have learnt the hard way not to wear expensive clothes to school but I still look presentable in my 2nd hand stuff. I bought a really pretty white top for £3 this weekend. Also some hankerchiefs-brand new (LOL) which will go towards a Christmas present.

    Good for you.

    As someone said, you need to do this every now and again otherwise you would go mad…. Sft x


  15. Oh,how i love to go Op-shopping !! i love to buy thing's for my Kitchen,love the little Butter dish,i just broke mine,that i had for 19 year's,and i alway's kept my Butter in it,and i must say you are looking very trim,taut and terrific,maybe i better stop eating the Butter too,well done!!


  16. I spent ten bucks on two pair of high end designer jeans. I didn't even pick a pair with the discount color ticket. I misjudged one pair and they are too small!!! However, I don't feel bad. I have a thrifty skinny friend who was overjoyed to get them.

    You are looking mighty slim in your new top!


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