The NHS, Tescos and Bank charges!

 I can not and will not complain about the NHS! I got to see my GP today, got the treatment I required and paid the entire sum of £7.40 for a month’s supply of medication! It did result in me losing a day of work as I had to wait to get an appointment, but, the clinic are fantastic, kind, caring and saw me within a reasonable time and no money changed hands, which always pleases me! A massive hooray to everyone in the NHS, they are paid disgustingly low wages, they work unreasonably long hours and their dedication, which always amazes me, is often uncelebrated. (My sister is a nurse on the cardiothoracic unit in Treliske! A precise specialist working with people with lung cancer – all hail the nurses!!!!)

I will however complain voraciously about the see you next Tuesdays who run banks! At least Dick Turpin wore a mask! These people are bare faced robbers! When I paid off my overdraft I was waiting for a clear financial moment to change to a fee free account. They charge £17 just to use the bank account and then £5 on top to use the over draft facility, when not one penny in their hands is earnt by them! £264 a year to use an account, and not to gain from any of the ‘products’ that came with the account was not a good deal to me. On top, my taxes, your taxes and every other suckers taxes bailed out gross negligence and incompetence whilst they sipped champagne in Monte Carlo. We paid for the fat b******s to Lord it up! Today, when I had some spare time in between waiting for the local clinic to tell me they had an appointment to see me, I got on top of some financial matters that I needed to change for quite a while. I changed my bank account to a fee free bank account. I will now be £264 a year better off. That’s a month’s groceries, or the car insurance or one of the other bills that I’ve struggled with. Best of all, is knowing that I’m not giving those oxygen robbers any of my money! **** them! Yesterday Lloyds Platinum, today Lloyds Classic – all the services that I use and no bank charges. If we all did this, they wouldn’t make the iniquitous profits that they do!

Finally, it doesn’t seem much, but I sorted out my Tesco points and exchanged them for ‘rewards’. I use Tesco filling stations as they have the cheapest diesel I can buy and I then save the points and treble them into rewards vouchers. Today, I cashed in £10 of ‘money’ to spend in Tesco to £30 of money to spend in Cafe Rouge! I’ll give them to Dearly Beloved and he can whisk me off on a date some time in the future! So all in all, a funny old day of waiting around for an emergency Dr’s appt (no, don’t worry, Brits will know I am not dying but it’s the jargon used for an appointment ‘on the day’ without prior notice!) saving £264 over the next year and getting a free lunch from my Tesco reward vouchers. A frugal day? I should say so!


15 thoughts on “The NHS, Tescos and Bank charges!

  1. Sounds like a positive day. I have never understood/looked into the Tesco voucher swapping. Your post has encouraged me to do so. Also to change my bank account. Thinking it woud pay the car insurance puts it into perspective. Thanks for the kind words re NHS (my employer for 40 years).Nursing is hard work but rather more fun than teaching, I think. Don't know how you cope with a roomful of adolescents!


  2. When I was made redundant I changed from a Platinum to a Classic as well.

    The only thing I miss is the holiday insurance but, as I haven't been on holiday this year, I don't suppose I have missed it after all!!


  3. We have a Lloyds account too and it galls me every month when they charge me £22 for using the account and the overdraft. I wish I could split the OD from the account so I could pay it off more easily… next march hipefully it will be almost gone, once it has I will have a classic account too.

    Two years ago OH was ill and we had to cancel a proposed trip to see friends in Florida, my travel insurance was through the account, it took me over 8 months to get the insurance to pay out and they deducted £120 in refund charges, b****y robbers. Breakdown cover is cheaper through the civil service motoring association, you could join, you are a teacher and would qualify, I was insured through them for the car for many years, we got a decent discount. When they scrapped that I started looking for cheaper deals and do it every year. My insurance is coming up for renewal and I will looking for a new deal through quidco.


  4. As an ex nurse and midwife …now foster carer. I thank you for your caring words regarding the NHS. My job was part of my life for 30 years and was truly dedicated, until it ground me down that much I had no option but to leave, due to the immense stresses and strains of low staffing, lack of support, hospital politics and people that did not care. I felt I could no longer be part of it, which saddens me greatly. But despite all this we have a very good NHS and should be proud of it and and proud of all those hard working caring dedicated people within it. I feel teachers are on par with the NHS but some how they never get that recognition to such an equally stressful occupation Keep up the good work FQ xx


  5. we changed bank accounts from TSB years ago, best thing we ever did.

    we also had an account with Alliance & Leicester(now santander) for the direct debits, which was always overdrawn, yet since we've moved to nationwide with the exact same direct debits we only gone overdrawn once and that was BT trying to take £96 out on the 1st instead of £60 out on the 15th, so we argued it and got the back charges back!

    Josie x


  6. This sounds like a very productive day.

    I have just become a Tesco clubcard fan – it saved us over £100 over half term going to Longleat safari park.

    I'm looking forward to exploring what else I can get.


  7. We can negotiate and equity line of credit at our banks in the U.s but if if we dont then our cheques bounce if we overdraw and we are charged $40 per cheque.
    I dont pay anything for banking as I dont have an atm card or a debit card and all the other services like direct debit and cheque cashing are free.
    We have thousands of banks so the competition for our business is hot.


  8. I bank with the Cooperative and they are wonderful.
    I use all the vouchers to save for airmiles or now with nectar easy jet. It is a great way to get a treat – I use the airmiles for day trips to Paris on eurostar ( a benefit of living in London)

    So true ref NHS. Did you know that the cost of running an NHS is cheaper per head of population than a private medical system. Of course the private sector wants the money for their pockets and to let people rot! Lets hope we all keep fighting for the NHS it is the best option for ever.


  9. Thats brilliant, but as I do most of my shopping at Aldi I do not get enough Tesco vouchers. I also pay for mechanical breakdown cover from the CSMA, its saved us a shed load of cash in the past.

    If we were faced with a major bill for the car I think it would break us. As it is I pay for both breakdwn covers at renewal by putting away the cash each month, so its there when I need it. My car is just 3 years old and I am wondering if I really need to take the mechianical breakdown cover until its in its 5th year, so far it has been covered by the warrenty…….hhhmmmmm need to have a word with our garage. Up till now the car has always gone back to the main dealer for service, but I am changing that now, the labour costs were massive compared to our local chappie who works for himself and is always busy. I was recommended to him by our LL who has used him for years.


  10. My wonderful hubby works for the NHS, as have I in the past- both of us near the bottom of the pay scale. Whenever the NHS is mentioned in the media it is doctors and nurses who receive a mention, never those who are nearer to the bottom of the heap. I spent 12 long days in hospital, being transferred from one coronary care unit to another part way through. I would like to praise the health care assistants, ward clerks, porters and cleaners for the stirling job that they do for very little pay, and with a smile on their face.


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