Scrimping in the warm and dry!

 As I type, the wind and rain is lashing at my hill top house. The rain is being blown down from Bodmin Moor and in from the sea at Looe and Liskeard, in the middle is being deluged. And, do you know what? I bet everyone here is loving it. Fortunately, my poly tunnel is protecting my veggies from the elements and the rest of my garden is getting the soaking it desperately needs. My water butt is filling up and I’ve put the dust bin outside with the lid off (and a huge stone in the bottom) to catch any rain it can. I’ve also left two buckets out as well (also with stones in so they don’t blow away) to catch the water.

It’s a bit chilly so we’re back to socks and wooly pullovers and in true Widow Twanky style, my house has laundry hanging to dry from every available space. It’s tough gettting work clothes clean and dry for Monday in weather like this!

I’ve had a dig round in the cupboard and found some more scone mix (bought a while ago from Approved Food) and a half full pack of sultanas and I’ve rustled up some scones for the freezer. They only take 15 minutes to cook in a hot oven, so economical on energy too. I baked today and yesterday in my mini-oven, and although I had reservations about its baking abilities, they have come out quite well. I’ve got loads of school prep to do today and I’ll be in the lounge by the big window to get any light there is, under a snuggly blanket as sitting still is not good in this weather.

Is anyone else thankful for the rain?

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


22 thoughts on “Scrimping in the warm and dry!

  1. I most certainly am thankful for the rain though there is no storm here, just a light breeze and a persistent drizzle. I used to go to Cornwall every other weekend in the late 60s, on the back of a motorbike, to camp near Falmouth and can remember some wonderful storms, the sea used to fascinate me.


  2. I am thankful for the rain. Fisherman at local lake haven't needed to stand on wooden jetty to fish, they're standing on the actual edge of the lake bed! Never seen it so low before. It's been a really dry few months and my poor garden has desperately needed it (and it saves me watering the veggies ;)). Being on a water meter means I can't afford to water the whole garden (only the veggies and the pots) when it's really dry. As long as it's all disappeared by August when I go on my holiday I shall be happy LOL


  3. Very thankful for the rain! The New Forest is a dry as tinder and the heathland fire risk is high, so a good drenching is just what it needs.

    It will be a relief to farmers growing crops and hay too. Even so, I expect that the drought will have food prices going up again.

    Have a good day under your blanket, doing school prep!


  4. Oh yes, we planted some stuff up at the allotment yesterday and our water butts are empty. I'm roping the boys into help me making MSE hob nobs and a chocolate cake this afternoon, proper Sunday afternoon stuff !!
    Twiggy x


  5. Oh yes….we're very glad of this cooler and wetter week. It saves lots of time watering our many raised beds, although the polytunnel still needs watering.

    Luckily we are not on a meter, but I am happily absorbing all your water saving tips for our move in case we are then.

    Today is a day of housework and paperwork, hopefully the sun will come back later in the week and I can catch up on the kitchen garden then.

    Sue xx


  6. We're also blessed with a rainy weekend, very much needed after a heatwave and dry spell. We're also on well water, so it's appreciated. The garden and pots are happy-funny how they do better with rainwater vs simply watering with well water.

    Love the scones! I often turn to our small electric toaster oven, even have a perfectly sized, rectangular casserole for things like mac and cheese. Saves energy, too. : )


  7. We've had odds and ends here on the south-east coast. Thunder last night but no lightening and then a deluge that was short and sharp. Supposed to rain today but only a few spots which is good as I have lines full of washing hanging out in the yard.
    I have also made scones using Approved Foods scone mix. I just made plain ones but added a bit extra sugar as mine don't care for dried foods. Also made blueberry muffins with some blueberries I got dirt cheap in Morrisons (29p for 200g in their reduced fruit and veg section…I bought all 8 punnets and froze them). Muffins are alos really quick to make and cook and so I used all the shelves in the oven so it was worth heating it up.
    We go on a meter later this year so I'm grateful for all your water-saving tips.


  8. I am most thankful for the rain. The Pacific Northwest is very lush and green this year. More than usual. Our run-off bucket has been full for the last 10 months so we are using plenty of free water. But…..we are still waiting for spring, let alone summer. Haven't been out of jackets in the house more than two or three days yet. But the view out my living room window is nothing but green trees. Can't even see most of the houses.


  9. We were thankful to see the rain yesterday, although our ground is very free draining so I guess unless we get more later we will be watering again in the week.

    I find with my mini oven that I have to put foil on top of cakes to make sure they do not burn, otherewise once they have risen and browned I put the top element off and just use the bottom one.

    Not feeling so good just now, have cut out starch, no pasta or spuds but plenty of veg……


  10. We have had so much rain up here in the North West! We went to a classic car show today at Garstang and the decent weather lasted until 1pm. Chucked it down, all the little trading stalls packed up and went, some didn't even come due to the weather forecast. No decent junk bits and pieces other than motorcycle bits.


  11. Rained all day here in W. Dorset too, got drenched taking the dog out, and it was cold, in warm kitchen making a huge lasagne, and mini pots of raspberry trifles with reduced price fresh raspberries for sweet (petite) treats.


  12. Well, no. I live in the Northwest of the U.S. and it has done nothing but rain for months! It rains a lot in Portland, Oregon, where I was born, and this is the wettest year since 1947. I am in a drier part of the region now but we are just now starting to have spring. I understand how welcome the rain is for you, but frankly I am tired of it!!


  13. We have been having daily rain for
    weeks and everything is lush and green. The vegetables,fruit and flowers are very happy.
    I think baking on stormy days brightens the day and makes the house smell heavenly.
    Keep warm as you work on your school
    work and enjoy the rain.


  14. Yes, I was grateful – not much (edible) vegetation on the garden to water, but like others, being on a meter means you cannot just take it out the tap. Not too bad on the temperature front, but we too warmed ourselves up by cooking a batch of bickies and ironing!


  15. Being on the edge of east anglia which is at risk of a drought this year, we are particularly glad of the rain, although east anglia is still very likely to be in drought later on, there was mention of water rationing!! x


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