Busy Saturday and nothing spent!

 It was just a week ago, that at this time, I was wandering around Auray about to go to lunch. Today is just about reality and being frugal and a wee bit eco. Every peeling, shredded newspaper and anything biodegradable goes into our compost, and that is being used to grow our spuds in bags. I use my tea bags and coffee grinds to add nitrogen into our plants. Anything grown in a container needs feeding. I rip open the tea bags and keep the tea and then dig it into the soil and compost around the plants in containers.

 Today, has been extremely busy. I shopped at Tesco (online) and my week’s groceries, including pet food, toiletries and cleaning products has come in at £35.75 including delivery. I have lots in my store cupboards to supplement and I’ll be using them up for a while. I’ve also been picking beans and courgettes and they are also supplementing. I’ve baked a fruit cake for Dearly Beloved to take some to work every day and I’m using up a lot of what we’ve got.

 Today started with a rigorous house clean. Here in Cornwall, we get a lot of damp and therefore a lot of black mould. I get round this with 21p Tesco value bleach, diluted 50:50 and I spray it on the mould, leave it a while and go back and clean it off. The shower gets mouldy, so do the window frames and corners of rooms, I keep on top of this and usually tackle an area every week.

I’ve also spent time on recycling today. My towelling bathrobe, that I bought well over ten years ago has all but given up, so I’ve cut it up this morning for my rag bag. I usually make wash mittens or dish clothes, but I’ll keep it for when I need it. One of DB’s tee shirts has also given up, so I’ve cut it into strips to add to the knitted bath mat I’m making.

 I spent a while this morning compiling my menu plan, based initially on what’s in the house to last us until Wednesday, when my Tesco delivery arrives between 8pm and 10pm. It’s £2.50 cheaper to have it delivered ‘off peak’ and I can’t buy any extras if I don’t go to the shop!!

Here’s the weekend menu plan

Saturday lunch – Chicken cooked in honey and mustard sauce – 3 for £1 from Aprpoved food and part of my spare food stock (next to no sauce for me courtesy of Monsoir Dukan’s advice) with salad – I cooked twice as much last night.

Supper – Corn beef hash for DB (remainder of tin into the fridge to go in his sarnies next week) I’ll have some dry fried courgettes with a dash of garlic, with a tin of sardines (21p Asda cheapies – I have several tins of these stashed away) and we’ll both have green beans from the poly tunnel with theses.

Sunday breakfast – scrambled egg (I just microwave it) and eat it plain, whilst DB will have his on toast.

Sunday Lunch – beef stew made with carrots and onions, some gravy (don’t tell Pierre!) and DB will have some of our early new potatoes with his – I won’t.

Sunday supper – steamed smoked haddock (piece reduced to £1.19 in Morrisons) with spinach (out of the freezer) and DB will have some new potatoes and I won’t!

Monday Breakfast – oatmeal pancakes for breakfast and DB will have cereal and miilk.

Lunch – DB will have corn beef and homemade chutney sandwich with a piece of fruit cake – I’ll have a pot of Tesco Value cottage cheese.

Monday supper – 100% beef burgers with salad, DB will have some homemade oven chips with his – I won’t!!! (simple – we eat the same, I eat less and fewer carbs)

Tuesday Breakfast – both can have a ham omelette.

Lunch – DB will have sarnies and cake, I will have a tin of sardines, some toms and a yogurt.

Diet will liven up then as Tesco order will arrive!

 Many people have said very complimentary things about my debt repayments, and my determination to live a simpler life. It does bring its benefits. We eat less so we’re healthier. We amuse ourselves so we are less and less reliant on money and we know we can live on very little. This in turn means we don’t dwell on what we don’t have or might not have in the future. We enjoy the little we have and get on with life. This has had a positive impact on our mental state and we think, as often as we can, about the good things in our life.

 I’ve had a really good work out in the house this morning. I’ve cleaned the inside of all the windows and got rid of all the mould around the window frames. I’ve washed all the clothes and bucket by bucket, watered the borders in the garden and even had some spare to pour onto the lawn. I’ve showered and washed my hair, as ever, standing in a big blue plastic box and poured the water into spud bags.

It’s a busy life, but extremely rewarding. The ‘down time’ today will include: getting out with some music and getting at least a three mile walk into my day, reading my library book, catching up on the paper DB found on the train last night and walking the dogs.

Busy Saturday and nothing spent………………what a perfect day!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


5 thoughts on “Busy Saturday and nothing spent!

  1. I agree with SFT, contentment is easy to come by. We are spending today in the veggy patch, weeding around the veggies, knowing that we will soon be eating home grown…can't beat it. Hubby will be making dinner, so I have a mini break.
    Jane x


  2. You inspire me each day to find new and frugal ways of doing things.
    I have always found my home a source of solitude and contentment. You are sharing ways to improve it.
    Following your lead, I now manage several no spend days per month.
    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us.


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