Increases mean decreases!

Let’s have a look at everything that increasing in price. Food, almost 25% increase and each time I go back to the supermarket, I notice increases. Energy, has been predicted to rise by 20% And salaries? Well, they are the same. This all means, we will have to decrease the amount of food we buy even further and decrease the amount of heating, hot water and lighting we use altogether. This will mean more veg and lentil soup, more blankets on the bed and on our laps in the evening. Fewer uses of the washing machine and wear the clothes for longer. Less of everything and yet, pay the same! I think I’ll cope.

 We’ll all have to discount store shop and then, with a small list, stick to it and eat it slowly!

 Dearly Beloved will have to stock up on pasta to fill him up.

We’ll all have to eat less.

Plus, some of us are facing pay cuts, redundancies, pension cuts and will have to be even more creative with even less. Downsizing will not be an option, it will be a necessity. What will you have to do with less of and what are you expecting to pay more for and not even get as much as you do now.

We’ll all have to be creative together!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “Increases mean decreases!

  1. Energy is a big one. I had investigated solar panels – could be worth lookign into if you have a south facing house. You can get gov grants to install them and get cash back for evey unit of electricity you charge or something along these lines My house isn't suitable. Booooo

    Food -I will have to be much better. Yes I foresee more soup too.

    Uswitch for electricity in August – see who the cheapest is. I would love to downsize in area and sizwe of house but no bugger is buying!!!!


  2. Energy prices very concerning although the unfortunate plus is an improvement for the environment.

    Our biggest out-goings are utilities, fuel (to get to work) and food – all the things that are increasing in cost but can only be cut back so far (at least if you want to maintain some quality of life).

    Not good!


  3. And on top of the price rises, wage and pensions freezes, redundanies etc., anyone who has any small savings are seeing their little nest eggs being eroded.

    You're right, we're all going to have to keep tightening our belts.


  4. Thing's are getting harder and harder here in Australia as well,i think i will start burning candles,Electricity is so expensive!!i'v already given up eating Meat,it's Vegee's for me now,and i think i'm better off health wise anyway !!my saving's have gone down and down,so hard to survive,everyday is a challenge !!


  5. We made one spare rib pork job do for two portions tonight by chopping it up and making a stir fry. Tomorrow we will be cooking a chicken and roasted veg for dinner. The chicken will do several meals and at the same time we'll cook a gammon joint, which will also do several meals. Some of the chicken/gammon will be put into other dishes and frozen. I also cooked a whole pack of chickpeas today and we'll be making falafels (thanks for the recipe) for a party Saturday and making some hummus. We are planning to get a water butt soon, for the garden in summer and will use some to flush the loo in winter (loo thankfully downstairs). The heating will stay off a bit more than last year.


  6. Gas and food are the big ones, along with cell phones and did I mention GAS? Thankfully, we moved before the bubble burst in home prices and though we live in a larger house than before (so much for trying to downsize, LOL, but that's another story altogether), our electric bill averages about $230 a month thanks to the foam insulation in our house. Our old house was averaging $500 in the hot summer months BEFORE the increase in gas prices. I would hate to even venture a guess as what it would cost to cool that house today.

    But back to the pooint. . . We don;t go out at all anymore and impulse buys are nonexistent now. I just stick to the staples when shopping, but even at that, I'm always dismayed at how expensive the total is when I didn't buy hardly anything. I believe the best thing to do in the short and long term is to elect fiscally conservative politicians who won't waste our hard earned money on frivilous programs that only pad the pockets of thier cronies. THEN, we might see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  7. You are so right, it is becoming harder and harder each month, I am facing possible redundancy and Himself is in a temporary week by week position right now, so financially things are quite dicey any way. As for food, that is cut way back and so are the utilities – I am running out of options on where I can cut back any further, but the prices are still rising as you say and not just by the odd penny here and there……


  8. I am becoming very talented at hitting the supermaket atjust the right time – buying up all the reduced stuffI can find. Last night huge bags of ready prepared vegetable soup mix were just 10p. Now I NEVER ever buy ready prepped veg as it isn't cost effective or as fresh but at 10p it wasn't to be sniffed at! Cooked in the slow cooker it's a cheap luch and I'll stretch it out to five days!!My favourite saying is Times is hard! they are. I always make sure I get the best deals with and just saved £235 on gas and electric and got 10,000 nectar points! I'll save this for a bar of chocolate to share at Christmas – gotta have something to look forward to!


  9. Looking on the bright side, we are all going to be much healthier if,as Carole says above, we cut right down on meat- occasional meat in a mainly veggie diet is very healthy, as is cooking from scratch.
    Even though times are hard, I NEVER buy cheap chicken or factory farmed meat, we just eat it once a week instead, or make a little go a long way – in a rissotto or by bulking out with veg in dishes like spag bol.
    I also think people forget that as a nation we only spend 17% of our incomes on food, whereas in the 40's it was 33% – and we all managed.


  10. Tis indeed a worry Froogs,
    The soaring costs of energy and fuel (which heeps cost on everything else)is of grave concern. I wonder why prices need to raise, is it just greed for bigger profits, surely if the same price was charge for an item, the same profit would be achieved – or am I just naive?
    John the innocent


  11. When I was a child it was the norm to sit snuggled up under blankets. We had a coal fire in the living room, and that was it for heating-it was normal to shiver when we went to bed, and to sleep in our dressing gowns for extra warmth. I envisage that we will be living in much the same way this winter due to the price rises. It's probably not a good time to have bought a 'fixer-upper' with 10 feet high ceilings!


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