Making the most of cheap ingredients

 When you try and keep food costs to a minimum, the ‘nice things’ often cost so much that you just don’t buy them any more. Spices are great but can often go off and curry pastes can be too expensive that you just don’t buy them. I tried Lidl’s thai curry paste and their garlic paste. We love garlic, but I don’t like my hands, my chopping boards or my worktops to smell of it so I tried garlic paste and it’s remarkably good.

Tonight, I made a stir fry of what ever I had and used some of my ‘Approved Foods’ store cupboard essentials to liven things up.

 The butternut squash and broccoli were on the yellow sticker reduced to go section of Morrisons and were less than half price, the onions and peppers have been lurking in the bottom of the fridge since before we went away.

 The prawns were half price and on offer (Muriel – this is how most seafood is sold in the UK, even lobster and langoustine are cooked and frozen and ‘pret a manger’) and the chard is out of my greenhouse.

 A very quick flash fry in a tablespoon of oil.

 Add half a pack of frozen prawns, we could easily eat more, but we can do with less.

 I added a spoon of thai curry paste and mine was ready to eat.

 To the rest, I added the chow mein sauce, bought from Approved foods four for £1.

 The above photos are in the wrong order, but I added the shredded chard at the end, I just wanted to wilt it.

 Dearly Beloved had his with rice, Tesco Value of course! I had mine, Dukan style, without sauce, without rice. Heaps of nutrition, lots of fibre and tastiness and not many calories and very little cost.

Veggie days are my favourite days when I get to eat as many of a certain type of veg that I want, and as you can see by my bowl full, I like plenty of veg!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


13 thoughts on “Making the most of cheap ingredients

  1. Hi toffeeapple, squash is as tender as courgettes and cooked quickly, I add a few splashes of water and put the lid on the wok and let things steam for about five minutes, also the squash was sliced thinly and no, they don't need ages to cook…


  2. That looks lovely and colourful, I don't like prawns but usually take mine out before adding them for husband. That's give me a really good idea for something else to eat when my friend comes later this week.

    I don't mind cooking if someone else would think, and tell me exactly what to buy (I do know but I'm just lazy and don't have lots of confidence for visitors). Does that sound daft? I always worry whether it will be good enough.


  3. That sounds very good !
    We also have this frozen seafood in France, but I don't like frozen food, I find it pretty tasteless, I do freeze home-made meals however…


  4. How long does the Lidl Curry Paste and Garlic paste keep for…..? I tend to buy Pataks Curry Paste because it has a six month shelf life in the frdge once it opened
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


  5. It's an odd tip but it really works – to get the smell of garlic off your hands, wet them and rub them on some stainless steel such as your taps or a spoon.


  6. Have you tried Lidl's garlic flakes that come in a grinder?
    Pop over to where the herbs and spices are in their little pots,
    and pick upthe 'Kania' Garlic mill -with what looks like little dried flakes in.
    It's got a blue lid.
    (they've got two types in my Lidl which is why I'm being so specific as the other one is horrible )

    Just grind out some on what ever you want.
    it's a really nice garlic, and has no perfume-y after taste that some dried garlic has :o)


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