Salad for lunch and stir fry for supper!

Hi everyone,

It’s back to reality today. After supper I had some garden pootling time. I picked a lettuce and some chard, I’ll have the lettuce for lunch tomorrow and I’ll stir fry the chard with some other veg and prawns. Everything has gone wild and I have to go out and cut some vegetation back, thin out some of the plants and let the others have some light and space. It’s a big experiment and somethings are growing incredibly well, mainly beans and all sorts of courgettes and squashes, along with chillis, tomatoes and onions. The potatoes have ‘legged it’ and need earthing up again, which will have to wait until tomorrow.

I also got back out on the road tonight. It was amazingly easy after spending a week on a bike; the hills were not their usual effort and I could keep up quite a pace. I also weighed myself today, with some trepidation I must add because I did stray from the Dukan path last week, but only slightly. I’ve lost a further 2lbs and now I’m down to 12stone and 10lbs, so a loss of 1 stone and 4lbs altogether.

Another job for the mindful frugal was to go through every receipt of everything we spent in France and log it. I’m sure it’s quarter of what we used to spend on holidays. We treated ourselves to a meal in Roscoff of a mountain of sea food but other than that one meal out, we ate and lived as modestly as we do at home.

 Before I go, here’s a couple more photos from France, the one above is the sea food inside the supermarket and the one below is the sea food inside the restaurant. Dearly Beloved is here, checking out his dinner, we didn’t count them on the way in and on the way out………..but we may well of eaten one or two of them.

Thanks again for stopping by and until tomorrow,
Froogs xxxxx

8 thoughts on “Salad for lunch and stir fry for supper!

  1. There is something very comforting about everyday routine, even on a return from a holiday. I have never tried lobster, not sure I would want to pick one out! x


  2. I enjoyed sharing your vacation trip.
    I know for myself I always enjoy getting home and back to a usual routine. You are doing a great job with your exercise and diet! Keep up
    the great work.
    I love seafood, but don't think I
    could eat it, if I had to make choices from a tank.


  3. Seafood needs to be extremely fresh to be safe for eating, that's why we always buy it alive.
    I know nobody who would agree to eat already killed for several hours lobster or crab, it must be a cultural thing in a country where we don't mind eating animal guts, snails and frog's legs ;-))


  4. Hi Muriel, we buy live lobsters here too, or cooked sea food, usually big brown crabs, i used to catch crabs with dad, bring them home and cook them straight away by dropping them in boiling water, the same with prawns. Just like France, we eat lots of mussels but we get our own off the rocks at low tide and we use big nets at low water to scoop brown shrimps out of the waters, so not so different. we also eat plenty of animal guts, i make faggots from liver and heart, pate from liver and we eat lots of kidney, we eat rabbit, and there isn't much difference between my diet and a french diet, but lots of people don't know where their food comes from and don't want to know, we like to know where our food comes from. lots our sea food is ready cooked and frozen for example prawns are ready to eat. i liek pulling them out of the shell myself


  5. is that a restaurant/hotel in Roscoff. the one with the huge windows in the restaurant area at the back with the sea view?

    it is next to the slip road, that goes to the carpark? We love it in there and in the Creperie across the road!


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