vendredi et au revoirxxxx

 We cycled passed Super U just after one this afternoon and the temp, flashing on the sign outside was 27 degrees! It was time to head home and get in the shade.

Our morning started really well and we cycled the beach side roads before nine in the morning, dropped into the supermarket, without a fight or any tears and were home with shopping and our breakfast by ten. We anticipated the heat so set off early to the ‘stone’. Carnac is famous for mile after mile of megalithic standing stones…menhirs. We cycled off into the distance, liberally coated in sunblock and felt the heat before we had even reached the stones. We pulled into the car park to lock up our bikes and made our way to the queue for the ‘petit train touristique’. It is a cheesy little land train that takes tourists around the standing stones, through Carnac, into Trinte sur mer and back to the menhirs again.

 It was good to see the sights without moving a muscle and well worth the cost.

 The stones are human height and row upon row stretch into the distance………..they predate the Egyptian pyriamids.

 The dolmens are burial chambers and you and I could easily walk into them. Every time we come here, we go to see ‘the stones’ and I always want to walk amongst them. You can in the winter and spring and I’m coming back here ‘out of season’ just to do that. They are magical and their ancient status makes me just want to sit amongst history.

 I’ve thought today, about previous holidays in Carnac, where I’ve shopped and felt the need to visit old towns, monuments, visitor attractions and ‘do’ the tourist thing. I have bought a locally made bag, from papa pique et mama cout……google them, the deliver world wide! Like Boden bags, but half the price. I’ve had an ice cream from the world famous ‘L’igloo’ which has hundreds of flavours and makes the cones and ice cream on site. I’ve spent the princely sum of £10 on wine! and eaten each day. Other than that, we’ve spent nothing.

 I’ve had a ‘short break’ of five days and loved every minute of it! The sun has shone, I’ve read wonderful books, I’ve eaten too well (back to abstinence on Sunday) and next year, hopefully, with pennies saved, I’ll be back here with Foster Mummy.

If I may, I’d like to take this opportunity to promote the establishment where I’ve stayed it called Camping les druides and I can’t speak highly enough of the place. If you are thinking of France for a holiday, then stay here. And no, they do not know I’ve written this.

We’ll be off early in the morning for a slow meander back from Southern Brittany to the north to get our ferry home. We’ll call into Auray, St Pol de leon and then Roscoff, lunching, coffeeing and just taking it slowly until we get our night ferry.

It’s been a short but truly, the loveliest holiday. I have been blessed to spend the week with my best friend and loving partner of the last fifteen years………..this was well worth celebrating and, my darling, here’s to the next fifteen xxxxxxxxxxxx

See you all soon,



11 thoughts on “vendredi et au revoirxxxx

  1. You have made your holiday sound so inviting, hope you have had a wonderful time and that the journey back is enjoyable. Not sure about anyone else but as much as it is lovely to go away I find it is always nice to come home.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.



  2. just caught with your break away,it sounds fantastic without breaking the bank,i looked at the site and it does look really nice.What i worry about though is the driving,my husband refuses to drive on the wrong side of the road and the longest journey i have done is from the eurotunnel to cite europe and back.
    great pictures x


  3. I've loved reading about your holiday as well – you have sounded happy and relaxed, and have made me sit up and notice where you've been, and consider it for a future holiday for myself (this year's plan is Scotland..). And all on a budget, which I love – you show it *can* be done, and there is no reason or excuse to not have fun while still being frugal.


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