Today, as I blog, is hot. The wind has died down, everything is still and the heat continues to rise. Yesterday, was fresh, breezy at times but perfect for cycling. Today, the sun defeated me and I’m back on the campsite, moving in and out of the sun, drinking chilled water and sitting in shorts. It’s a hard life!

Yesterday was all about cycling here and there! In the morning, we cycled the short distance to Trinte-sur-mer. Wandered around the market, looked at postcards, walked up the pier (ish……not sure what they’d call it) and just took in the sights.

 No sign what so ever of any recession here either! The rich seem to come and play and even those with smaller boats must pay a fortune for a mooring here.

 We always go for a good gawp at the ‘cats’ and the ‘tri’s’. The photos do not do justice to the size of these speed machines. You can see inside, these are for speed and not for comfort. I don’t like the open sea and certainly wouldn’t want to be perched on the side of one of these when it’s 45 degrees from where it should be! They certainly are a sight to marvel at though.

 Here’s froogs, resuming her daily position outside a cafe somewhere, it’s a daily expense, but we don’t eat out and, when in a tourist area, I always remember it wouldn’t be there at all if people didn’t spend any money. Our ten euro a day budget is more than adequate for our needs.

 I just thought I would share my view from my coffee, over the port as I sat and watched the world go by.

 After a morning in Trinite, we came back, lazed, ate and read. The afternoons are often about dozing off to sleep, or just curling up and being together. It’s light until at least ten pm, so around 8pm, we took ourselves off for our evening walk. The empty beaches, roads, avenues have the most wonderful peace. There were a few people out walking, or sitting on the beach. Mostly, we had the place to ourselves. If you’re reading this and liking what you see, take yourself one day to Carnac for a holiday. Try to visit in low season, it’s a very different place to the Carnac I’ve experienced before. Although, I will  be back next summer, I’m also going to make sure I visit in May or Easter. It’s so tranquil.

 Those of us who visit Breizh (Brittany!) year in, year out, know full well, this place has a defiant independent character and their Breton language keeps them separate or unique. In the same way as Wales, or the Hebrides, or parts of Scotland, where the regional language is still alive. Breton and Cornish (Cornish – a language which is officially dead, but used more and more, is being learnt and brought back to life) has similarities. One thing I would love to see in Cornwall, is the bilingual signage. Liskeard, for example, is actually called Lis Kerwyd……along with a multitude of alternative spellings and pronuciations.

 Our evening walk took us right along the front of the ‘Grand Plage’ and the beach front apartments seemed a little more occupied. People eat late in France and the clink of glasses and cutlery against china could be heard as people ate in their front gardens and on their balconies; this family had carried their garden furniture onto the dunes and were enjoying an evening drink as the sun set.

 Here’s another photo for Foster Mummy. This is the main road…….. Avenue des druides……….sssshh! No one is here! Not a car, not a house open, no one!

We walked back to the campsite as the sun was setting, poured a glass of wine and put our feet up, listened to the cuckoo, watched the bats circling over head and chatted quietly until it went dark.


13 thoughts on “mardi

  1. That was a wonderful post….I could almost have been there.

    I think this is exactly the sort of holiday I like, no agenda, just rest, relaxation and a chance to be and experience somewhere else.

    Sue xx


  2. That's it! GD and I have decided, we are saving hard for Whitsun AND the summer in Carnac next year! Please give our fondest regards to Monsieur and Madame….I can't say I am not envious, but there is no-one I know deserves this break more. XXX


  3. Lovely post. You are right about spending money in an area where you are staying, it does help the local economy.

    I wonder why I can't get to Foster Mummy's blog from her name in comments?


  4. What camp site are you staying on?? we have never been that far into Brittany before, I treally fancy it for next year…..

    I am so envious……France is my favourite place, I love it, we never go in season, its so tranquil and peaceful when there are not so many people around.

    Bon vacances…….enjoy the rest of your time there, chilling…..


  5. We went to Carnac a couple of years ago – it was August and there were lots of people! I love the light evenings and sitting outside till late, glass of wine ….. the slower pace of life is great and a good way to re-charge the batteries.

    Glad you're having a good time – you work very hard and deserve some time out! Sarah XX


  6. There is few people because we don't have mid term holidays in France during the 3rd term of the year, so the kids are in school !
    But tomorrow is a bank holiday, and as you may know, in France there is a tradition of “faire le pont” to have a huge week-end, so you 'll probably see more people on the beach during the next days…


  7. So glad that you are both enjoying yourselves. Your photos have brought back lovely memories of holidays with the children in the same area many moons ago.


  8. I'm a French Australian so enjoying your holiday. Plus my mum is from Brittany.

    I only speak French and English. But my mum speaks French, English, Breton and a patois dialect from her village. I wish she had taught me these but she thinks they are common and has been embarrassed by them.

    I'm looking at spending 6 months there in maybe 2013. If I do you'll have to visit me on a frugal holiday 🙂


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