Travelling is all part of the fun.

 Hi everyone!

Well you didn’t think I would go a week without blogging? We travelled over on a newish ferry, the ‘Armorique’. We’ve only been to France before in the summer holiday, when travellers are packed in so it was a nice suprise to be on a half full boat. We were up late on Saturday night and left Liskeard at 6 am, so we bought a cabin on the boat and slept all the way there.

 The car decks always amaze me. The precision parking, no room to get in or out, the pole position exit when the ferry company get every body off and on and the boat turned round and back the other way in one hour. It’s easy for us, but I feel for families with young children, there are usually tears and parents looking quite frayed around the edges.

 We love to take Laurent home, he’s sunbathing with DB as I type!!!!

 We arrived at the campsite in three hours! I was the fastest vehicle on the road!!!!! DB co-pilots for me as I can’t read maps and I just drive. We are the only people here; other than a few touring caravans, and no surprise, mainly Neds! A few mobile homes are rented out, but other than that, there’s no one here. I feel a bit selfish saying it, but I’m quite happy to have the place to myself. Every other time we’ve stayed her, the place has been packed. The ferry was full of Brits, but most of them on package holidays and off to Eurocamp, Keycamp for the all in holiday. I can’t blame them, fun for all the family at a reasonable cost. We’re the lone Brits on this campsite…..and I like it that way!

 This photo was taken at 8pm in the evening by the deserted Men du beach. I love being here; get off the ferry and set your watch back by thirty years! The shops shut for lunch and most shops and restaurants seem to be closed here, others are being prepared for the summer season. Houses are shuttered and no one is here. We usually go to a busy bar for the free wi-fi and were surprised to see it only opens from jeudi – dimanche. We’re  using the wif-fi on the campsite.

Lastly, here I am with the big guy! It’s Tuesday and, other than lolling around in the mild weather and reading, we’ve not been up to much. I’ll get you all up to speed on the ‘not much’ as the week goes by.

It’s just so wonderful to be back here. The whole place has a comfortable familiarity about it. We know where everything is, how it works, where to shop, have a coffee or get the best views. It might be odd to some people to return to the same place year after year, but it almost feels like a second home. We’ll, we’ve slipped off our shoes, put our feet up, breathed a deep sigh of relaxation and we’re enjoying every moment of doing nothing.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxxx


14 thoughts on “Travelling is all part of the fun.

  1. Oh how relaxing, sounds like bliss, nice to be away from all the things you have to do and enjoy the things you want to do. Enjoy your holiday, hope the weather holds out for you.
    xxx Teresa


  2. Are you in Carnac ?
    I know a Men Du beach down there…
    I really like Brittany too, even if a lot of French people thinks it's too rainy, I don't care and I enjoy my holidays surrounded by English and Dutch people 😉


  3. LOL. We were those parents 'frayed around the edges' this time last year. Mr is a great driver – accurate and confident. I was breathing in, confident we couldn't possibly escape without scraping the car, or having the kids stuck in there for the whole ride if we couldn't get the doors open wide enough!


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