Frugal Spa

 I’m distracting myself this morning whilst Dearly Beloved transports our doggies to their ‘home boarding’. It’s heart breaking to go away and leave the little fellows behind, but they are hard work and they will enjoy their holiday with Christine and Gary and they will receive the very best of care. This morning, I’ve been indulging in my £1 beauty treatment!

In my time, I’ve had my upper lip and brow waxed – £12, a deep moisturising facial £15 and manicure £7.50. OK! Admittedly, it was a huge expense, but it was a treat at the time. I’m also acutely aware of the aging process and pay particular attention to looking after my skin. Here’s how I look after my skin and my pennies.

I now wax my own eyes brows and upper lip and the waxing kit costs £5.50 and there are twenty wax strips in there and two of them does my lip and brows – 55p!

The cold cream is just delicious at £2.42 and, even though I use it daily, it lasts almost a month, so that means a deep moisturing cleanse for 8p! I then cleanse it all off with a warm damp flannel and then rinse and splash with cold water. I’ve used Aldi’s Q10 anti-wrinkle cream for years now and at £1.99, there is nothing cheaper out there and as I’m not lined with wrinkles, I’ll assume it’s working.
So, here’s Froogs, trying to keep young and beautiful! With one of my ‘where’s Wally’ socks being used as a headband, with my moisturising mask! And, doing it all on the cheap!
Froogs xxxxx

14 thoughts on “Frugal Spa

  1. So is that “Hair today, gone tomorrow” then?!

    Have a fabulous holiday Froogs- you have worked hard for it, and deserve a good break. The pets will be fine.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip on your return!

    blessings xx


  2. I really should be better with a skin care regimen. I am pretty useless!! Will def try Aldi Q10 when the current oil of ulay cheap stuff I have runs out. enjoy the hols!!!


  3. I mustn't put enough cream on, I use it daily but mine lasts me lots longer than a month. I'm fortunate I only need to do my legs which I shave as I'm lazy, as I'm fair and I just pull out the odd brows now and then.

    I must try that cold cream treatment, it sounds very luxurious.

    Found some liquid type serum from Aldi which feels nice when you put it on. That stuff is fab, I shan't buy any other now I've found it on YOUR recommendation.

    Enjoy your holiday (again)


  4. Have a lovely time Froogs, and don't worry about the doggies. We used to take our beloved cat to a wonderful cattery when we went away and they looked after her so well. They even brushed her long fur and cleaned her teeth – both of which she hated me doing!

    Regards, Sooze


  5. I invested in an Epilator which also has a shaver attachment a few months ago and I shall never shave my legs again! The first time I used it, it was painful like waxing but the hairs grow back much softer and you can hardly see them. I use it once a week and it doesn't hurt now but I reckon you could get away with leaving it for 2 weeks, I am dark haired and my legs used to get a 6 o'clock shadow when I shaved them. I use the shaver attachment for armpits as I'm too much of a wuss to use Epilator on them! I no longer need to buy razors and best of all I bought it with my Tesco vouchers.
    Have a great holiday Froogs!


  6. I've been using Aldi moisturiser and occasionaly the serum, for a while now and find them very effective products. I can't beieve how much I used to spend on creams before I wised up!


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