Off to the hairdressers??

I’m back on my feet today. By the time I arrived at work I was resigned just to pull myself together and get on with it! It’s slow going tonight as I’ve masses to get ready, to pack as we’re self catering and we need to take a lot with us. The cat sent me to hell and back by crying, as if he was being sent to his death, all the way to the cattery! The dogs haven’t twigged yet and I’m not telling them if you don’t! I have a chest cold and moving quickly requires more oxygen that I’m struggling to get in; everything will get done…..just slowly. The first part of the preparation was getting me ready.

Tonight was my hair dressing night. I use ‘Castings’ which is water soluble and fades over the month so I don’t have tide lines. It’s cost around £5 forever! It’s quite an expense and I spend £60 a year on my hair. Foster Mummy cuts it for me and other than two washes a week, that’s it!

I’m off to start to get ready for my trip and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow……p.s lost another pound in weight, so that 1 stone and 2lbs so far!

Until tomorrow,

Still not spending any money…….Froogs xxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Off to the hairdressers??

  1. ever think of cutting your hair short? I spend nothing on mine, i cut my own and im letting the grey just ease in, got good genes though not too many as yet. dont forget to pack your camera!! have a marvelous break jane.
    glad to see FM posting again


  2. Well done with the weight loss, I've just embarked on a diet too and believe me, weight loss is not something I'm good at so that should make an interesting couple of months… in fact I'm threatening to fall off the wagon already!


  3. Please don't cut your hair, it's really beautiful!

    Be careful you don't overdo the exercise if you're feeling a bit low – certainly not whilst you've got shortage of breath.

    I have the same problem taking my cat to the vets, every time.

    Have a good holiday.


  4. Our cat does the same even though she gets lots of attention and cuddles and is spoilt at the cattery. Enjoy your well deserved break. Just wanted to add you inspired me with your diet and I have lost 10lb so far. Thank you.


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