Mapometer!!! I love free fun things!!!

Here’s my frugal keep fit route! Click to see where I went/go!

I’m so excited after finding this ‘app’, which is free and trying it and making it work!!! Thanks very much to everyone who left such encouraging comments and to Angela, who told me about mapometer. According to mapometer, I walked 3.88 miles and used 371 calories. You can click on the link and see where I walk each night! If you want, you can then see where I walked on google maps. My start and finish point, has purposefully not been exactly pinpointed, not to give too much away!!!

I’m now going to plot some cycle routes for my holiday! I’ll be able to show you those in a few days!

Until I get back later,

Froogs xxx


7 thoughts on “Mapometer!!! I love free fun things!!!

  1. I like that app. But it's a shame it doesn't show footpaths – we live about 10 minutes walk from a big bit of National Trust land and we do a regular circuit every weekend and some evenings if DH is home in time. From what I can guess it works out at about 3.5 miles – which isn't bad for what we consider the short version of the walk. The footpaths are too windy to be able to guess at how long the full version is


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