Spending nothing at all, but enjoying it anyway!

Now, most decent self respecting women would only put their very best face on public display. Not Froogs! Here’s me, sweaty and looking shocking after the four mile circuit!!! I’m noticing lots of people, who just like me, hit the pavements and seem to do the same route as me. I alternate between the anti-clockwise route that takes me down a reasonable hill and then up a killer hill, with slight inclines and a couple of miles of flat here and there. On the other night, which included tonight, I take the clock-wise route and go down the killer hill and up the reasonable hill and then hit another long flat loop before I head up the last two hills for home.

On the way, I pass the Lux Park Leisure Centre. People drive there in posh sporting gear, looking groomed!!! I looked up how much it was to use the gym and it’s £5 a time! I won’t be going there!!! Another ‘thing’ that caught my eye this morning was the sight of a lady on our school field, with her personal trainer!!! I noticed a shiny Mercedes in the car park and wondered who on earth it belonged to. Parked next to it was a van advertising  Sweaty Betty’s personal training services (not the actual name!) and the woman  who was being ‘trained’ looked about a size 8!!! She didn’t look a mess like I do, she had blond hair in a pony tail, a tiny bum, that unlike mine, stayed where God put it when she was running around!!! Mine seems to try to get away from me!!!!

Now there’s me!!!! Sally Army shop trainers! Sale rail tracky bottoms, ebay i-pod and looking shocking!!!! Not paying for a personal trainer, not paying £5 to go to the gym, not wearing flashy sports clothes but doing it any way. It’s another day of not putting it off! Not saying, I can’t exercise because I can’t afford the gym, I don’t have the compression leggings to wear and I look a mess in public. As I said earlier, I’ve noticed lots of folk in an old pair of trainers, a pair of grey joggers, a warm jumper and they just get out and run or walk. I was passed by the local ‘harriers’ who ranged from nimble looking elderly people to children of primary school age, I’ve seen people out running with their dogs, I’ve noticed groups of ladies who go out and walk and chat at the same time. I’m not the only one who feels no need at all to make this expensive!!!!

I’ve tried to take as many people on my frugal journey as I possibly can. I try to spread the frugal word of living simply, not spending and doing what we can with what we’ve got! Well come with me, on a scruffy, just as you are, no need for fancy clobber, just get out and walk, frugal foray into fitness! We’ve paid off debts together, we’ve home cooked food and grown beans, we were there, side by side when we made our own soap and jam, when we knitted and carbooted, we saved the odd quid here and there and may be together, we can step out together……any takers?


22 thoughts on “Spending nothing at all, but enjoying it anyway!

  1. I'm a gym hater. I once had an expensive membership, but I can't exercise for exercise sake… I have to walk somewhere, or cycle somewhere, or have a boogy. Why pay for something you can get for nothing hey?


  2. Never left a comment before -but I'm about to ditch the Rosemary Conley sub(£22pcm!!) and join you on the road-well home treadmill with headphones and a movie to watch-I can walk for ages if suitably distracted!, thank you for all your motivational chat,keep up the good work and have a fab holiday


  3. Froogs, that is a lovely photo of you. You are positively glowing! Well done with the frugal exercise routine, I bet you are sleeping like a baby each night after your trek!


  4. I'm so with you on this one! Even if I could afford to go the gym I'd hate being surrounded by size 8 gym bunnies who hardly break a sweat, while I'm standing there bright red and gasping for breath! =)

    I've just moved into a beautiful area so I'm planning to start exercising in it, especially now that it's light so late.

    Keep up the good work Froogs, you're doing brilliantly!


  5. A few months ago I started walking with two old friends. One goes back to 2nd grade, the other to 7th grade. We are talking 50 years and 55 years here. We hit the pavement and walk a trail. Total 2.4 miles. And we don't stop talking for a second. We love it. So I am with you! At least two days a week. Will have to move it up to three days in this nice (HA!) weather. You are looking wonderful.


  6. I love that you are a non-conformist and proud of it! I get to exercise at my church's gym, which is free for anyone who wants to go, but you'd be surprised how few people do. Meanwhile, the relatively expensive YMCA is always packed with people. I guess some people think some things are worthless if they're not paying for them.


  7. If I was a personal training I think I'd have to use your 'Sweaty Betty's personal training services' as the company name – that made me giggle after quite a stressful day.

    But perhaps I like it cos I would never use it – thumbs up for ditching the expensive gear and just getting out there.

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Well done on the 4 mile power walk ! Great that it's making you feel so positive . I love running or walking coz it's free and you can do it in any spare half an hour or so. Keep it up and have a great HOLIDAY ..yay! you've earned it :0)
    Jacquie x


  9. If I lived near you I'd join you! How self-opinionated some people are? A personal trainer indeed!

    It's a bit like one of my favourite grouses, nail bars! Despite the recession our local one is always full of people looking indulgently at their talons being done by young men wearing surgical masks.

    Nothing wrong with painting your nails but nail varnish costs next to nothing. Why spend 25 quid on someone putting extra bits on what you've already got?

    Keep up the good work.


  10. You should see me “at home”, nomake up, baggy sweat pants, holey t shirt, ratty cardi. But visit and you'll be made welcome with homemade cakes and cookies and a pot of fresh coffee.
    All of us here are REAL people.
    Jane x


  11. oh no froogs, do i have too, do i have to move it shake it, take it out, i know youre right, use it or loose it right? damn it girl….can i wait for our summer?


  12. With you all the way [in my hand-me-down jogging bottoms with the massive bleach stain!]

    Just been recommended mapometer as a brilliant website for planing runs when you are away on holiday- check it out!



  13. Thank you for this. I was just seriously contemplating joining a gym again and had actually made tentative enquiries. BUT you're right – who needs to pay money they can ill afford when we can exercise for free. So thank you for your timely post. I shall be out this evening huffing, puffing and going bright red whilst thanking my lucky stars I live in flat Essex 😉


  14. Hi there FQ I have tried to add Foster mummy to my list of blogs as I am an avid read of FM and yours and today I have found it wont allow me onto her blog:( and it says I have to contact her to be accepted which I find very strange, as I have read all of her blog and now it wont let me and it says I have to contact her to be accepted. Do you know if I can email FM for her to accept me?? thank you xx


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