Preparing not to spend any money!

HI everyone,

As I’ve excitedly told you all, I’m off on a holiday for the first time in years. In the past, I joined the rest of the sheep and used my holiday time to rip up the common sense rule book. This time, I’ve not only consulted it, but I’m taking it with me. In other words, I’ll be frugal on holiday too. At the ferry terminal, leaflets are pushed through car windows, explaining, on pain of a hefty fine, what you must carry with you, in case of an emergency in France. We’ve always been well prepared on this: the car has been serviced, the spare wheel and jack has been checked, and we’ve also prepared all the onboard necessities for the car. Many of the ferry customers don’t do this and there’s a long queue in the onboard shop to buy beam deflectors, warning triangles, hi-vi jackets etc. They also pay through the nose for first aid kits, that they probably have in their cupboards at home. We take everything, bring most of it back unused and will not be spending anything.

Yes, that is a dishwash tablet container and I’ve cleaned it out and stacked it with first aid and a few minor medical supplies. I noticed, on my last trip, that I couldn’t find a version of Boots or Superdrug, where you could just walk in, work out what you needed and just buy certain medications, such as for a migraine or stomach upset. You had to ask the pharmacist. It was also a lot more expensive that we pay. Here, we can buy 6 loperamide tablets for Ā£1.60 and 16 paracetamols for 16p. Plasters, burn spray, and first aid requirements are pennies here. They are sealed, they don’t ‘go off’ and they can save you a trip to A&E by just having the basics in first aid. Both Dearly Beloved and I have both had first aid training at some time. Did you know, for example, that panty liners, or sanitary pads, are sterile and make really good wound dressings, which you can secure with micropore tape? I’ve burnt myself in the past and know now, it’s always important to have burn dressings in the house. They are a gel pad, with adhesive edges that completely seal the burn and usually no further assistance is needed if it’s just minor.

I’ll blog more this week, about how everything we need is coming with us!!! I’m quietly confident that I can afford this holiday and if I’m really careful. I won’t spend any more than my usual week’s budget for food and will still have the best of times.

Watch this spaces.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Preparing not to spend any money!

  1. Pantyliners are useful things. I have have on occasion stuck one to the inside of my sock when my shoes were rubbing against my heels!
    You sound well prepared. Hope you have a fab time.


  2. Hi Froogs,

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and am looking forward to the photos on your return. Your first aid kit is a great idea. We do something similar and use an old icecream container, managed to collect a few of these over the years and invaluable for lots of things.

    Have really enjoyed seeing your recipes, makes me hungry looking at them.

    Just wondered if you had any recommendations for holidaying in your neck of the woods. We arrive in St Austell on 19th September for a week.
    Teresa xxx


  3. Fantastic, every time we go away i take what we need with us as much as we can down to fresh fruit and snacks, as on hols these cost a small fortune, and dping this the holiday becomes more affordable šŸ™‚


  4. Loperomide is always about 87/97p a pack of 6 at Sainsburys – Asds and Tesco usually do theits at the same sort of price. It's the same dosage as Immodium (200mg) but far cheaper.

    As Tesco says….every little helps!!

    Clare xx


  5. It's good to be reminded how much can be saved by a little forethought. I've used a monstrous maternity pad and an old bandage to help after an affray at my neighbours where someones leg was pouring blood. I think that is a jolly good idea and worth remembering. I like to pack snacks and drinks bought a thome at our usual prices too as I find that they are always more expensive at tourist destinations. Have a wonderful holiday. Cherrie


  6. Well, have a nice holidays, I got a lot of ideas from you – we're going to England in August and it certainly won't hurt to prepare a first-aid kit like this !
    If you want to stretch your holiday budget, you could join Couchsurfing and meet wonderful people on top of that ! We are part of it and if one day you want to discover Alsace, no problem.


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