Oh just get on with it!!!!

 This weekend has all been about work, preparing for my work, getting the housework done, getting the work done in the garden and the poly tunnel and there has been hours of it. Nonetheless, I’m feeling really good. This blog is where I come when I feel beat up, down hearted or chewed up and spat out. It’s also where I come when I’ve had to push through and just get on with things. Today, and tonight in particular is about pushing through and coming out feeling fantastic!

I’m feeling pissed off about losing a stone in weight and then not losing any more. I’ve gone back to protein only days and upped my exercise to an hour a day, increased my water, cut out any salt and yet, the needle on the bathroom scales does not move from 12 stone 13lbs!!!! How am I coping with the disappointment? I’m just pushing through

 Having been a thinnish person for most of my life, the first time I went on a ‘diet’, I lost two and a half stone and kept it off for three years! I then slipped into, what I can only look back on as a parallel universe and ate and ate and ate! It was delicious but it was also avoidance of  healthy options. For two more years, I ate and knew I wanted to stop, I wanted to lose weight and kept putting it off for another day. When I booked my holiday, I knew I was imminently going to the land of the tiny, trim and skinny people, who seem to walk, cycle or run everywhere and eat portions the size of baby meals and I knew, I would feel gross in comparison!!!

Well, I did make the change and although I feel as if I’ve come to a grinding halt, the best part of this whole process has got to be exercise. How can I have missed out on this for so long??? I’ve taken fluoxetine in the past and it never made me feel as good as I feel now. The endorphin lift is incredible. Tonight, I made it to four miles and walked for well over an hour. I turned corners and headed up every hill I could find, sipped water if I got tired and just pushed through. I could feel myself walking faster, my stride lengthening and my heart pounding. I walk in time with the music and had Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits on shuffle and I would speed up or slow down to catch my breath. I arrived home, sweaty, red faced, with my hair all over the place and I haven’t felt this good in years!

I may not be losing weight in the way I would like to, but I’m a bigger person now and I’m not going to give up. I will get there in the end but just for now, I’m enjoying every footstep, feeling great and loving the journey.

Thanks for stopping by,
Until tomorrow,
Froogs xxxxxxxxxxx

13 thoughts on “Oh just get on with it!!!!

  1. My daughter tells me that it is usual to have a 'plateau' week when you are dieting and exercising – the fat is converting to muscle, so you aren't losing any weight, just turning it from one to t'other. She recommended measuring my waist and thighs regularly, as I will probably find my body shape is changing even if my weight isnt.
    So do not lose heart – and keep going- I think you are doing brilliantly, and you have that holiday to look forward to as well!
    weekend blessings x


  2. exercise is my natural anti depressant, i refuse to take meds. And walkign is just as good as running, it takes a little longer to see results, but less starin on the joints, that the reason i dont run any more, too much starin on my joints and early arthritis runs in my family – so walkign for me, and it gets addictive, each time i go out i want to walk further, and my body allows me to – and the high,, and energy i get after,, well nothing compares to it.


  3. Darlin' part of it, sadly, is age. But what I've learned is that if you keep at it even when it seems you are getting nowhere, you still do fine. Because your body adjusts to that lower weight and although you are not losing more, you're not putting it on either. Let your body adapt to where you are and keep at it. It's still better than continuing to gain. And you will also find that once summer comes along, your body will start to let some of it go again.

    We don't lose weight or maintain our weight the same in our middle age as we did when we were young ladies. But I promise you, it works out! You are doing a fine job and it's good to see you are feeling good about it. You have plenty to be proud of!


  4. I would recommend the “cabbage diet” but the only place I lost with it was in my face, and that caused my upper dentures to hurt. When you loose fluid,I guess your gums loose,too, and that causes pain.Dr. Ox says after 40 or so, you can eat the same,and exercise the same, but your body burns 100 less calories than it once did,then every year thereafter, that number increases.It seems we can't win.


  5. I know your goal is weight loss, but just think of all the good that you are doing for your heart and your muscles etc when you are making healthy choices. I lost weight through no fault or effort of my own, I just had 2 children in 16 months, but now I have my body back I try to make healthy choices to look after my insides, regardless of how much I weigh. Hope this helps 🙂


  6. I think we mustn't compare ourselves in our 40's to ourselves in our teens or twenties.
    I weigh 1 and 1/2 stone more now (48)than at my lowest weight in my 20's and I am just as active.
    We do widen naturally in our bone structure,you only have to look at actors and actresses that have been on screen for yonks to see the truth of that.
    I found an very interesting blog recently called Eclipsednomore with a weight loss journey blogged out for a couple of years. Very inspirational stuff.


  7. Ah the 'no loss days', do not fret me dear Froogs for this is perfectly natural. The initial quick weight loss is usually excess fluid (so I've bin told) and now your body is adjusting to the change in dietary habits. Also with the increased activity comes increased muscle (even at my age I believe) so there'll be no more despairing from you honey bun just keep going with your positive approach and in the words of somebody not famous – live healthy and the body you desire will come… well something like that anyway ;o).


  8. FQ the scales are just a number. they don't just weigh fat they weigh fluid, muscle, blood, bone….you are better off using a tape measure and your clothes to judge how well you are doing. And you ARE doing well, even if the scales don't say it. Keep going and chuck away those bathroom scales 😉


  9. As you are doing so well with the exercise, I would imagine that it's only a matter of time before you see more benefit from your new diet/exercise regime. Just stick at it.


  10. Hiya Froogs, you are doing so so well on this diet! Please don't despair! By any chance, are you measuring your body every few days? I know when my weight stayed the same I did see the inches come off – wierd I know – but it WILL shift once again! xx


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