How’s the Dukan diet going?

The Dukan diet recipe book advocates using very small amounts of corn flour to thicken sauces made with skimmed milk. You can of course make your own sauces but if you have a really close look at labels you can find some extremely low calorie, low fat altrnatives.  
If you see the above product any where, it has 26 calories, 1.1g of carbs that sugar and no fat in a reconstituted 100g serving. You can make it with water or soya milk. I just make it with water. I had about 100 calories worth tonight as a bit of a Friday blow out.
You can also buy low fat versions of bacon. Just sift through the bacon on the shelves, turn the packs over to see the bacon and look for the pack with the very least bacon. Dry fry it in a very hot pan and you won’t need to buy the ‘healthy options’ version. Just use your own discretion and cut off any fat.
So what did I do with all this??? I made  bacon and courgette layered with cheeseless sauce. It did, however, have a cheesy flavour and I will buy this product again. My lovely Vegan friend, Foster Mummy gave me some to try and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I added a layer of the cheese sauce to the mountain of bacon and then layered with courgettes that I had fried in a dry pan with some one cal spray. I made far too much cheese sauce and managed to leave most of it (fed it to dog!) and I will use just one tablespoon and 100mls of water next time.

The end result was amazing! I’m turning into a courgette connoiseur and I use them to bulk out many meals and they are so cheap, plus, my poly tunnel is full of them!

The Dukan diet is going well, although I’m now stuck at 12 stone 13lbs, I’ll be happy with a 1lb a week weight loss! I’m easily sticking to the exercise and look forward to plugging in the i-pod, putting it on shuffle and getting out for a brisk walk. It’s not long ago, that I would get into my pjs early and ‘settle in’ for the evening. I now get to around 8 pm and that’s my cue to get my trainers on and get walking. It’s amazing what just the loss of one stone (and a pound!) does for my mobility, I don’t get so puffed and exercising is much easier.

How’s it going? It’s fine.

Just as an add to the list of ‘homemade’ – here’s the home made tartare sauce I made today for Dearly Beloved to have with his Fish and Chips (one lonely battered fillet left in the freezer, got used up today)

Finely chop two shallots, four small gerkins and a hand full of parsley. Add to virtually fat free mayonaise, add lemon juice and lots of black pepper and you have tartare sauce. Nothing like the lumpless bland stuff you can buy. It’s easy peasy to make and because the mayoniase is sugar free and fat free, it’s technically Dukan friendly, though I won’t be eating any.

Until tomorrow,



5 thoughts on “How’s the Dukan diet going?

  1. Dairy free cheese sauce? Has it really got no cheese in it? I can't wait to try this; between us, we have intolerances to wheat, cheese, cows milk and potatoes and I would love the chance to have macaroni cheese (wheat free pasta is really good). Thanks so much for blogging about this.


  2. I found, like you seem to be doing, that doing the Dukan diet really gets you thinking about (and eating) so much healthier. I found it's rubbed off on me completely and now I still eat by Dukan principles.

    Although I'm back on carbs (not as many as before) I instinctively go for low-carb foods and enjoy them all the more. As a result I feel more energised and generally fitter.

    Also once you've started walking more it's very hard to stop, and I walk much faster too, much to the dogs delight and Lovely Hubbys annoyance!!

    Sue xx


  3. I found some of the “cheese” sauce in my local co-op food store at £1.79. I expect it's a bit pricey but I grabbed it to try. It wasn't at all bad, a little bit of a synthetic taste, but better than DH eating real cheese and being ill for days. It does contain a little bit of potato, but a little bit is generally ok for my DH and fine for me. Thanks again.


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