Not touching my lips!

Well, it’s happened. Stagnation! There is always a week here and there, no matter how much exercise I, or anyone else trying to lose weight has, where I, or they, lose no weight what so ever! It’s easy at this stage to think hell to it, then, if you are like me, take a good look at the calendar. Over one month, I can gain almost 5lbs and then lose it again over night! I’ll take it as a positive, if, over the next seven days, if I put on no weight at all! There is a scientific way out of this, just go back to five to seven days of pure protein, which I don’t mind except for the expense.

The wonderful thing for me though, is that I still don’t feel hungry. I went to the supermarket today at 12.30 and came home to eat around 2pm and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Normally, I have a real energy low and would eat the next available food source to me, whether that was a good option or not. I can now easily go meal to meal without eating anything in between. I can also buy and cook food for Dearly Beloved that won’t touch my lips without feeling as if I’m missing something. He’s been really supportive and tucked into veggies and salad and not complained in any way. Tonight he had homemade chips, homemade battered onion rings, steak and peas…………….funnily enough, I just had steak! I also made him a lemon drizzle cake and didn’t even lick the spoon when I poured the lemon fondant all over it. In a  way, I feel as if I’ve been set free from food. I genuinely used to be hungry all of the time, if I wasn’t hungry, I was tired. Now, I’m not hungry and I’m not tired either. Whereas I used to be ready to drop at this time of night and be thinking of bed, now I’m thinking of exercise, getting on my stepper or going out for a brisk walk.

Any way, enough of my euphoria and feeling of general well being, here’s some cake for you. Turn your oven onto 180 degrees and line two victoria sponge tins

1. Weigh three eggs……….mine came to 7 ounces.
2. Use a very fine grater to remove the zest of one lemon into mixing bowl.
3. Weigh out, 7 oz of: sugar, SR Flour, margerine.
4. Pour all the ingredients into a mixing bowl.
5. Stir together with a wooden spoon, or in my case, get the Kenwood to do it for you!
6. Pour equal amounts into either cake tin.
7. Bake for about half an hour. (my oven is old and rubbish, that timings and temps. are unique to my idiosyncratic oven and all ovens are different)
8. Leave to cool when cooked – after cooling, sandwich them together with lemon curd.
9. Add four tablespoons of icing sugar to a mug and squeeze the juice of one lemon into it.
10. Smooth fondant icing over the top and place cake in the fridge to set the icing.
11. Serve to a very suprised Dearly Beloved who thought his cake days were a thing of the past.

I’m off out for a big walk now and if Blogger will let me on tomorrow; I’ll be back tomorrow,

Until then,

Love Froogs xxx


14 thoughts on “Not touching my lips!

  1. It's the exercise that's doing it FQ!

    Well done to you for eschewing all those things you like. Very wise never to eat until you feel 'full'. I hate feeling full, it makes me miserable.

    I am just doing the eating less of everything thing – as a veggie, I don't think your diet would be possible????? Or is it otherwise? I only need to lost 1/2 stone – from middle and bust and a little more would be a bonus but being over 60 don't want chickens neck.

    We missed you last day or so with the Blogger playing up!


  2. Hi Froogs. Today is the last of my five day protein only attack stage. Like you – the most amazing thing is that for someone who used to eat LOADS and graze all day long – I also do not feel hungry at all. I'd say it will be about 8lbs lost over this week 🙂
    Wish I was like you and loved the veggies so much – I'm more of a fruit person (darn that sweet tooth) but at least it will be nice to re-introduce veg and salads tomorrow. Friday I made my galette really thin and used it as a tortila wrap – fajitas for the rest of the troupe and just the chicken and some dripped yoghurt with garlic for me – was good. Think it would work really well with your Spanish chicken too.


  3. I have to say, you are tempting me to try the Dukan diet with your talk of not being hungry!!! I can totally relate to being either hungry or tired…. it just gets so one assumes this is normal. I've usually always been a diet sceptic, instead trying to lose weight by eating a bit less of everything, which has worked, but only up to a point… hmmm. Might have to reconsider my Anti Diet stance


  4. Gah! Blogger's been a pain hasn't it – I lost an entire post for a day but it seems to be back now!
    I need to thank you as well – you really have me thinking about my food choices again. I don't “do” diets – they simply don't work for me, never have really, and I don't even possess a set of bathroom scales, but one of my targets for this year is to eat more healthily and thinking about what I am choosing to eat is part of that, so thank you muchly Froogs!


  5. I found that while on the Dukan diet if I was naughty and had a bit of a carb fest that things started moving again. (Quite a few of us on the Forum found that….but shhhh don't tell Mr Dukan!!)

    The BEST bit of the diet is never feeling hungry.

    Sue xx


  6. I think I must be odd! I have been reading about many of you saying you're never feeling hungry with the Dukan diet – if I've eaten something, however small, I don't feel hungry. The only time I feel hunger is if I've gone either a bike ride that's been fairly strenuous, I'm really ready for beans on toast when I get to destination cafe. I think I could just go on at home until I think I OUGHT to eat rather than being hungry.

    I might be odd, anyone else like that?


  7. Well done on not licking the spoon, you are much stronger than I am. Love the look of the cake. Glad to hear that blogger was playing up, thought it was me, still could have been though.
    Watching your efforts with admiration.
    xxx Teresa


  8. I have to have a day where I eat what I want – usually that is all weekend! Good all week and whatever & whenever I fancy at the weekend – plus all my exercise!

    I'm scared of an all protein diet mainly as I don't really eat meat or dairy. I use protein shakes instead after a workout so I steer clear of things like Atkins or Dukan.

    So I am tres tempted by the cake!!


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