Take the night off Brenda!!!


In true stingy git style, my diet and exercise regime is as cheap as the every day life I live. The food I’m eating is slightly more expensive but seeing as I only eat at meal times and my meals are shrinking, then the costs have balanced themselves out. I feed Dearly Beloved exactly what I eat, with some carbs, usually rice and he has a larger portion. My exercise isn’t costing me either. I’m alternating between a night with Bendy Brenda and an hour long walk. Yes, you heard right……I’m up to hour long walks now. We have a staggeringly long hill in Liskeard that runs down into a valley and up they other side of Liskeard called Charter Way. It’s a ring road, and only put there in recent years and as yet, it doesn’t have a pavement, so I had to walk in the cycle lane.

It’s the type of hill that once you’ve committed yourself to it, that once you’re half way, there’s no point turning back and coming home, you might as well keep going and finish the journey. So there I was in my charity shop shoes, my sale rail tracky bottoms and car boot sale hoody and it was great to get out with music blasting in my ears and know that my weight loss journey is also in the style of frugal.

I felt so smug. I walked past the WW group at kicking out time. They all shuffled out with bags of crappy artificial shite that WW sell (I am such a cynic of their marketing) and I’m sure the same old birds passed me who were there when I went three years ago and they still looked like strangers to exercise and healthy living. The only think I think any of them have lost is a lot of money! I certainly won’t be signing up to that malarky again.

I’ve taken to exercising within an hour of eating, so I don’t allow myself to eat to feeling stuffed, but just comfortable instead. Today, is a veggie and protein day. I’ll call my invention Spanish chicken, just because it was flavoured with garlic and smoked paprika. I pan fried (in a dry pan, of course) a chopped shallot, a courgette, a yellow pepper and we had one chicken breast each. Once it was cooked, I sprinkled it with lemon juice.

Thanks again to everyone who dropped by to say hello, it’s always good to hear from you,

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “Take the night off Brenda!!!

  1. Glad this post is back. It was there and then it wasnt. Stupid “Blogger”
    Colleagues at school are going to WW – it does seem a rip off to me. I too am cynical about their marketing. And when they say 'I joined WW again” I want to say “But if it hasnt had any lasting effect, is it a good system?”

    Impressed by your exercise regime.

    keep it up!


  2. argghh dont get me started on weight watchers, it iw a joke, have been there before myself in the past, liek you siad it peddles you a qucik fix, under the guise of healthy eating.


  3. I would be happy for anyone to pay me £5 a week so they can tell me what they shouldn't have eaten, so I'm not surprised WW and all the other sinning clubs make millions! Eat less and exercise – that's the way Froogs! You Go Girl – we are all cheering you on!! FM x


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