Dancing in the dark!

Does my bum look big in this? Who am I kidding my bum would look big in anything, but I’m working on it. Brenda Feckin’ Dygraff and I have been stepping the night away! I’m varying my frugal workout routine. One night I go for a mega walk up and down the hills of Cornwall on a circular walk around the boundaries of Liskeard and then, the next night, I have a night in with bendy Brendy!

Dearly Beloved snook up and took this photo of me nearly taking my knee caps off with the ‘power cords’. There is no way I could or would afford gym membership. I’ve looked into many of them from vibrating torture machines to all ladies sweating and heaving together clubs……….called curves, but I’m sure it’s more like undulations with ripples! It’s all going well. I’ve had my usual fun night in marking school books and not eating anything but grilled chicken (pure protein today) with a sprinkle of lemon juice for fun. I’m still enjoying the effects of ketones so I don’t feel hungry!

Thanks so very much to Sue for the Dukan cookery book you’ve sent me and to everyone who left comments, it’s great to know who’s reading.
Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Dancing in the dark!

  1. your bum is enormous omg how do you fit through the door….you know im joking right? im joking people ok, go froogs, whoop whoop, from the notsobendie brendie


  2. I SO want to have a go at this diet, but how do you do it when you're vegan? I'd happily eat protein all day every day, so please Froogy lady – teach me like you did with your frugal magic. You've slimmed down my spending, now I want to slim down my belly a little before my next operation! FMx


  3. I don't know where you get the energy after a long day in work! I teach 4 year olds and seem to spend most of my day walking, running, kneeling, bending, sitting on tiny chairs and crouching! So by the time I've come home, cooked tea, made packed lunches, washed clothes, driven girls to Guides/Youth Groups etc, I just feel like flopping on the couch!
    I'm 3 days into Slimming World (DIY) and really enjoying the food so hoping to see results by the end of the weekend.


  4. Do you think you would be a bit more energetic if you were “dancing in the dark” wth Bruce instead of Brenda?

    No contest for me, the Boss every time!


  5. keep going your doing so well. I am going to the gym most mornings and I can feel my body changing. Although I cant say Iv lost inches. I am told that it will happen so I will keep going.


  6. Well this is my third attempt to post, something to do with my google account verification, probably operator error on my part.

    Just wanted to say how great you were doing and what an inspiration you are. Looking forward to doing my own walk around Cornwall when we get there in September.

    xxx Teresa


  7. I'm always reading, avidly, even if I don't comment much. you've really inspired me to lose weight, I've almost saved up enough to buy a WII fit then (half of it paid from Xmas gift vouchers tho) I'll be off, can't wait to fit into my size ten clothes again. You're doing so well, keep up the good work, never forget you've got over six hundred people cheering you from the sidelines!


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