Mountains of food!

 When I was a kid, the five portions of veg a day were unheard of. Funnily enough, we didn’t get rickets! We ate what was seasonal, in the garden or cheap to buy at that time of year. In fact, there was always cabbage! I don’t know if you share my memory on this one, but cabbages were huge! The outside leaves that were slightly moth eaten, were chopped up, stuffed in a pot along with potato and vegetable peeling and stewed up and fed to our chickens. In fact, the chicken were fed all of the left overs……………….then we ate the chickens! Cabbages and root vegetables lasted right round to spring and oh joy of joy! spring greens took over! That went on until the salad started. By this time of year, all of the apples that were stored on boards in the loft, where the apples were individually wrapped in tissue paper, were decidedly wrinkled by now and really only any good if you peeled them. The rest came out of kilner jars or the freezer. Day after day after day, we ate mash, cabbage, carrots, swede, parsnips, kale, spinach or purple sprouting broccoli without an orange or banana in sight! It did us fine thank you very much.

The consequence of this upbringing is that I really don’t have a taste for fruit and as I’m breathing in and out and sitting here at the same time, the lack of fruit hasn’t killed me either! I predominantly get my nutrition from vegetables and I like to eat as many green leafy vegetables as possible.

Supper tonight, was an entire head of spring cabbage, a green pepper, an onion, a quarter of a bag of prawns and a quarter of a bag of Quorn (some one asked me what Quorn was, so here’s the product link and information) and a teaspoon of Chinese stir fry paste and a splash of water. Everything was sliced and fried and then the paste was stirred through, after that a little water was added that steamed everything through.

It’s mainly veggies and as I only eat veg on alternate days, I make the most by having a mountain of it. I know I could take multivitamins but there really is no substitute for cheap and seasonal veggies. I’m sure I won’t need breakfast tomorrow!

Many thanks to everyone who is standing on the side line, cheering me on, waving the flags and making me feel as if you are right beside me patting me on the back. Thanks very much. If being frugal isn’t enough of a challenge, then trying to lose weight, not spend money and pay back a mountain of debts at the same time is doubly hard. I’ve really enjoyed the comments and thanks to all of you who have become followers, it’s lovely to know that you enjoy reading what I write.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xx


18 thoughts on “Mountains of food!

  1. Oh good, it's not just me then! I am not a fruit lover at all. Give me a plate of veggies any day. I grew up without fresh fruit except the apples that came from my Grandmother's cottage. Cookers, so they were always stewed, with custard. I had whooping cough when I was tiny, the greengrocer came round with Mum's order and Mum went mad because he put oranges and bananas in it “to build me up”. They were very expensive and Mum and Dad just couldn't afford them.
    Jane x


  2. i couldnt survive with out veges, but im not a big fruit person, although i was brought up close to a fruit province. apples pears and peaches being the main ones. we had our apples wrapped in purple wax tissue, i can remember the smell, apples just dont smell like apples anymore.


  3. I went to a BUPA health MOT once and the doctors there said, try to eat 7 a day if you can and that research suggested it would be better if they were veggies, rather than fruit, which suits me fine.
    My dogs have vegetables and brown rice mixed with their meat too.


  4. Oh Joy!! I thought I was the last person on earth who doesn't like fruit. Saying you don't like fruit is like saying “I smoke 2 packs of cigarettees a day.”. Just not politically correct. But I do love vegetables. And cookies, cake, soda, and all pastas and potatoes. And breads. I guess that is why I am not skinny.


  5. Goodness me, your childhood gull of veggies, cabbages and chickens sounds just like mine! And the apples were the same too!

    I wish we still all had small small-holdings.
    I think everythings too tidy and neat now…

    Well done with your weight loss..
    I've lost just over a stone these past couple of months, and it's getting loads'll find boundless energy you didn't know you had :o)


  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know about Quorn—I've been wondering what that mystery food was! So, do you not like fruit at all? We've just come from the farm up the road from us and my house smells delicious from a big basket of fresh strawberries!


  7. Hubby and I were commenting on how lucky we are today. When we were kids, there was no such thing as fresh asparagus. Everything was canned or frozen.

    I guess that's what makes it easy to eat healthy — we always feel we are lucky and privileged to be able to do so.

    I'm going to make dandelion leaves one of these days…


  8. I like all veggies, but only really like apples and strawberries and not much else in the way of fruit. My Dad will state with much pride that he didnt eat his first banana till he was 15, due to WW2, rationing etc x


  9. I'm not keen on apples, love peaches, raspberries, strawberries, cherries and such.

    I think all this 5 a day is a hype! As you say, we of a certain age, I'm quite a lot older than you, are still here without worrying too much about 5 a day. My grandmother apparently always made sure my mother and her siblings had an orange.

    I must say I find it a chore to eat lots of fruit but a smoothie home made can make short work of that.

    I'm not disciplined enough to do what you're doing though but you seem to have it WELL under control. Good luck.


  10. How strange is this? So many of us are veggie lovers but not really fruit lovers. As far as I'm concerned the only way to eat fruit is wrapped in pastry and covered with custard.


  11. My mum worked seasonally on a farm and whatever was being picked was also nicked (or did it mysteriously transport itself into her empty sandwich box?) This means I have had a lifelong dislike of sprouts and don't get very excited about strawberries. But I adore fruit and would live on it if I could. When we went to see my DH's family in the West Indies, I was delighted to see wild mango trees everywhere and mum in law was very amused by my avid consumption of 2 or 3 mangoes a day. When we came home I couldn't touch them for months; not being ripened in the sun, what we get here are just insipid imitations of the real thing. And I LOVE wrinkled apples too! So if we get stranded on a desert island, you can have the veg and I'll have the fruit!


  12. Reading your childhood food regimen I realise that I am in a time warp! I still eat seasonally with a box delivery and feed the scraps to the chickens or the dogs. I love asparagus but only eat English which is only in season for 6 weeks so I make the most of it. Once that has finished the strawberries are in season then come the raspberries both of which I grow so the summer is a time of plenty…..


  13. 5 a day! When at school in the 1970's.we were taught the food groups in science classes and probably in cookery lessons too and there was no need to count fruit and veg. If you look at what kids are served on a plate for school food now, it is nearly all brown and there are often 3 or 4 of one food group and none of the pizza AND chips AND tart all mainly carbs. I remember school dinners being a protein and two veg and spuds and plenty of it. Puds were something and custard. Prunes being popular for their tinker,tailor ,soldier,sailor verse.


  14. Your veggie childhood sounds like our life now!!

    I know how lucky we are to have the land we do to grow our own veggies, and although I do grow some fruits, it's veggies all the way for me too.

    You can't beat a nice Spring Cabbage lightly steamed, tossed in butter and with a sprinkle of pine nuts. My Lovely Hubby eats the same as me but with a hunk of dead animal (sorry I mean pork chop) on the side 🙂 .

    Your meal looks delicious.

    Sue xx


  15. I liked veggies better when I was young, perhaps because they were all home grown, or was it that we used so much energy as kids, we would eat everything put before us, only I choice of meal, eat it or do without, I loved all the puds made from home grown fruit in season, apples, plums,damsons, rhubarb and goosegogs, all stewed or made into suet puddings, with of course custard made from full cream milk, never had cream at home. Your meal looked delish. Ali.


  16. Sounds like that seasonal diet got you much more than your five a day! I am so suprised by those who aren't crazy about fruit. I love fresh fruit — especially berries and peaches — but I really couldn't live without green veg. Good job on the weight loss. You've inspired me to try again, froogs!


  17. Almost 20 years ago when split up from my alcoholic ex, as a single parent of 4, I lost 3 stones in weight. I also ate better than ever before and it was recipes on a similar note to those you are using. I think I added more fruit (only seasonal) but that was because I liked fruit, the bulk of my meals were still veggies – you know what? I felt better than ever before or since. Currently going through a “fat” stage, thanks for the motivation to do something about it. xxx


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