A happy milestone

No! this is not me! but this was just like me struggling to do up trousers before I lost the first stone!

At the end of last term, all of my work clothes pinched me. I would have to undo my trousers when I drove and by the end of the day it genuinely felt as if my waist band was going to cut me in half! My first happy milestone to report is that my size 16 clothes all fit me comfortably and the waist band is loose on all of them. Previously, I was down to one or two items that I could still look respectable in and others that looked as if I’d been poured into them and over the top of them. No one wants this!

I can now say, nothing is hanging over the top of my size 16 trousers!!!! Tonight, frugality extends to my free work out. First of all, the 30 minute walk with the dogs and then back to twenty minutes jumping up and down with Brenda on my lateral thigh trainer! Today is a protein only day and certainly hasn’t been that cheap. Breakfast was an oatbran pancake, a slice of bacon and and egg, lunch was a small pot of cottage cheese, followed by a yoghurt, supper was some braised beef and onions with some cream cheese on top!
My next mile stone will be to get down to twelve stone and size 14 clothes (won’t need to buy any…..I have clothes from size 12 – 16!), which I know will be slower and will eventually slow down to around 2lbs a week. As I get slimmer and weigh less I intend to get more exercise and I’m sure it will get easier. If nothing else! I have slim and happy dogs!

Thanks for stopping by, reading, becoming a follower and taking the time to comment, which I always appreciate!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


26 thoughts on “A happy milestone

  1. I,m on the same wavelength myself . green and red days , but doing it myself . cannot weigh myself ! battery out of action in the scales but I feel more comfy , doesn't hurt when I bend down–cottenreel


  2. You're doing really well and have inspired me to tackle my own weight problem. My 'fat' clothes are all tatty and I can't afford to buy anymore so I will have to slim into the smaller ones!


  3. Congrats on your efforts.

    But – flippin' hell – you know how to make a girl feel guilty. I was eating an Easter egg (still have some!) as I opened your site. So now I'll stop at two small ones.


  4. I know what it's like to have to lie down to zip your jeans! I am a small person, 5'3″ with a small frame, and I was bustin' out of my 14s! I have been dieting since Jan. 1 and have lost 22.5 lbs. I started with the old Weight Watchers points plan, but I never made it to a meeting. Over time, it has morphed into portion control, which I think will be better in the long run. And I am in this for the long run…I weigh myself every morning when I first get up. Some new research suggests that people who weigh themselves daily lose more and keep it off.

    Thanks for the tip about the courgette (zucchini) strips–I'm going to give that one a try!


  5. Where did you get those pictures of my stomach? 😉 I need to start following your plan. Now that it is Spring in Wisconsin and none of my shorts fit I need to do something and fast. Keep up the good work. So glad I found your blog. You look lovely, regardless of what you say about yourself.


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