Steamy Sundays!

Froogs on the Miss Marplemobile!

 That caught your attention, didn’t it? I’m starting to feel more energetic and I can only assume that moving around is easier now that I’ve lost a few pounds and I know it will get easier. Just being 30lbs over weight is like spending every minute, of every day with a toddler in my arms and carrying them about. Today, we got the bikes out. We are really spoilt by our local surroundings; there are plenty of places to walk, to swim, to bike ride, virtually for free although we do have to get there. Today we drove to Bodmin and rode our bikes on the Camel Trail to Wadebridge. It’s 7 miles each way, mostly flat but through woodland, farm land and by the river. We often drive to Wadebridge and ride to Padstow, but as it was so windy, we chose a more sheltered route.

 We passed the Camel Valley Vineyard and the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway. No wine for me anymore but it was a delight to see the little steam train. I was fascinated and watched the guard get off the train, change the points manually, watched the driver and the stoker getting up a head of steam, watched them shunt the train down the track and onto the front of the train to take it back to the centre of Bodmin. It was a delight.

 My day out was free, energetic and certainly left me feeling energised from the fresh air and exertion. I’m now feeding Dearly Beloved exactly what I eat, but he has carbs with his meal, whilst I don’t. We had dry fried mushrooms, they sizzle and release their water if you add the tiniest amount of salt and a spray of one cal oil.

 I also made courgette chips in exactly the same way. This blog will soon be called a million things you can do with vegetables with no/very low carbs and no/very few calories.

 The meal here is why I could never go back to calorie counting, this is simple, there is a list of food I can eat and a list of food I can’t. Eat what you like from one list! Simple. Lunch was steak at an unfrugal £1.75 a portion!, green beans, mangetout, mushrooms, courgettes, fat free/carb free bearnaise sauce and 1% fat cream cheese. This is not a frugal diet and I’m spending on average £2 an evening meal, which is double my usual expenditure.

We don’t eat this expensively every day, however, after 14 miles on my bike, I felt like I had earnt it!

(added as a response to the question, the bike basket had warm clothes and waterproofs as you can’t trust the weather and bottled tap water……I’m not eating snacks between meals)

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Steamy Sundays!

  1. Good on you getting your bike out. I don't think you will lose weight from it but you will certainly tone up and get a feeling of well-being from it. Enjoy it. It's a bit faster than walking too, so you can go further.


  2. Well done Froogs – although seeing the picture of you, it does not look like you need to lose weight. We got the bikes out today, managed about 4 miles in total and it was really touch – mind you, apart from one practice run about 6 months ago, I have not ridden a bike for at least 10 years. I am in awe of you today! (It is just a start for me) It did make a change from the usual 6 mile sunday walk though, but like you I never tire of the lovely surroundings we have in this country. Your food looks lovely too. Thanks for sharing …x


  3. Good girl, you. I have lost nearly five stone now – all the medication weight has gone. I live on salad mostly and the odd treat. Looks lovely where you are. xxx


  4. If its on your good list you might try cauliflower as mashed potatoes. Steam it till done, whizz it in the food processor or blender with garlic and some cheese. Add salt & pepper, sour cream or what you like and its pretty darn tasty. And I don't like cauliflower!


  5. You can get a flat digital scale from Asda for just over £4, I find it a godsend for lots of things (even parcels for Ebay). They start at 1g and can be switched over to lbs and ounces. You can also keep zeroing it so you can just stand your mixing bowl on and weigh all the ingredients you put in.

    You're doing really well. The recipe book will be in the post tomorrow.

    Sue xx


  6. Hello there, your blog has been recommended to me as I'm on an economy drive.

    Well done on your diet and dinner looks fantastic.

    I tried the Dukan diet to lose a roll around the middle before my holiday. I found it quite easy although the protein was boring to eat all the time. I had real trouble finding the fat free or 1% dairy they talk about in the book. How did you get on? xx


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