If I can’t afford it, I’ll find a solution

 Excuse my enormous hips, but I promise, mainly myself, that they will reduce in size. I’ve looked at all sort of ways to exercise more, I tried the gym at school but usually I was the only one there, which I found a bit lonely. I’ll use it every now and then, but I needed a more regular form of exercise. I’m walking every night for a brisk and puffing all the way thirty minutes…..Dearly Beloved and I both have achey knees from this but we’re becoming more resilient. I quite like working out at home, usually when I get in from work and before Dearly Beloved gets in. My gym kit is very cool and frugal. The ‘Elle’ work out top was from the charity chop and off their 50p rail, the Long Tall Sally track suit bottoms are from their clearance sale for £5…..

 ……the biggest bargain I ever got from a charity shop was my new, still in the box Reebok Playdry trainers, I’ve had them a while and I often wear them just for walking or riding my bike and I paid £3 for them.

I’ve been looking for a piece of home gym equipment and snaffled this from Freecycle and picked it up this week. I like the ‘power cords’ attached to it, they have made my arms ache as I’m just not used to anything intense. The funny old bird on the DVD is about as irritating as a dose of thrush but I’ll do what she does as it’s easy to follow. Oh and the weight loss, another 3lbs this week, so another 1lb to go and I will have lost a stone; just another two to go and hopefully I will fit into the clothes I already own!!! That’ll save me even more money.


11 thoughts on “If I can’t afford it, I’ll find a solution

  1. God on you. Having just eaten more than I should of a delicious pasta and beef stew made by my daughter I really feel I should get out and join you. Maybe I need a dearly beloved to help me too! One stone is simply great. Cherrie


  2. Hi Froogs , well done you !! I think you have a great flat stomach and small waist which you should be proud of .
    Exercise is such a mood booster for me …well done on all the walking , great free exercise and lovely to be outdoors enjoying your surroundings.
    Jacquie x


  3. Hi i will be joining you on this exercise..i need to loose a bit of baby tummy…i have had 6 babies and as you can imagine it will never be the same again..however..i have lost lots of weight from everywhere else..so keep it up and keep going


  4. WTG FQ- don't forget about your bike aswell as that's good, free exercise aswell. I'm not gym bunny- walking and cycling for me!
    Loved your comment about the bird and the thrush!


  5. I've had a friend to stay for a couple of days and we've eaten macaroni cheese followed by Eton mess, of which I ate tooooo much. I didn't have much time to plan though as I wasn't sure till last minute whether she was coming.

    We did have a nice bike ride out though of about 20 miles, not too much but at least some exercise before our feed!

    A little 'workout' I often do when I think about it is to stand with legs a bit apart, knees bent, and punch from left to right, vice versa, making a sort of one, two, one-two-three-four, to spice it up a bit. At the same time twisting as far as I can go. I have a bit of fat around waist, not hips and am hoping that it will help. I might consider the 'oldies' gym membership in the winter when it's too bad to get much cycling in.


  6. Sounds like you are doing really well.

    I teach like you and I find that tiredness is my biggest enemy against lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

    I'd also like to fit into more of my clothes.

    Sft x


  7. Good luck!I made a 4 quart pot full to the brim,of diet cabbage soup yesterday. We ate the entire pot from noon to bedtime.It is suppose to have very few calories,but if our appetites don't deminish,we're in trouble.Either the soup was really good, or we were really hungry.


  8. Well done, that first stone is such a milestone and it is so good say goodbye to it. I'm trying to lose the half stone I've put back on after losing 2 stone last year on WW. I'm bored with WW and I'm fed up of feeling hungry most of the time. I've found some old Slimming World magazines from 2005 that were given to me and never used and I reckon I can devise and follow my own plan using them. I like the idea of eating lots of pasta on Green days without having to weigh/count points.
    As for exercise, well I plan to get on my bike!


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