Dukan bolognaise and the ‘new’ piece of exercise equipment

 I’m at the end of my second ‘carbless’ week. The suggested alternative for pasta is courgette. Peel strips off it with a vegetable peeler and fry in a squirt of one cal spray and a crushed clove of garlic. It was surprisingly good.

I made bolognaise from low fat ground beef, onion, green pepper and mushroom, I added some tinned tomatoes, herbs, garlic and some tomato puree to thicken. I am a sad bugger because I actually measured a tablespoon of 2% fat grated cheddar! It suggested 20g for heavens’ sake!!! Only drug dealers have scales that measure amounts that small! The next time I’m in France and going to look for scales that measure such tiny portions! I bet posh spice has some in her kitchen!

Hi Foster Mummy, you asked what I was standing on. It’s a lateral thigh trainer, you step and twist at the same time, so it makes your legs and tummy muscles work at the same time. Big bird Brenda is on the DVD and she is so irritating I could slap her, ‘You’re really feeling it now?’. What she should be saying is ‘You can’t breath now can you!’ I picked it up from Freecycle locally and I’m on the look out for other gym equipment.

When I get a spare minute or if I’m watching telly, I step away on it. I’ve only used it three times and I can already see my knee caps so the pudge is starting to move!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Dukan bolognaise and the ‘new’ piece of exercise equipment

  1. What a brilliant idea using courgette ribbons as your 'pasta'. I must try that whilst following my own diet quest. I do a very similar version of lasagne using cottage cheese mixed with quark with a tiny amount of parmesan for the 'cheese sauce' and very thinly sliced swede as the 'lasagne'. Once it's cooked through it's surprisingly tasty! You'll be a twiglet in no time Froogs!! 😉


  2. Froogs – regarding weighing tiny amounts – it is useful to know that a 20p coin weighs 5g, a 50p coin weighs 8g and a £2 coin weighs 12g. So if your scales will not weigh anything smaller than 50g, wrap two 5ps, a 50p and a £2 in a tiny piece of cling film and put them in the scale pan. That's 30g – and you can top up to 50g with your grated cheese [which will then be the 20g you need]
    just don't forget to remove the money before you tip cheese into saucepan!
    blessings x[I am one very geeky maths teacher!]


  3. i cant wait for my book to come from the library you are making this diet seem great i didnt think i was going to be able to eat veg this recipe looks great and your weight loss is fantastic keep up the good work.carole


  4. Salter do a digital scale – it's £12.99 on Amazon at the moment. We have one just like it, with the unfortunate side effect that if a recipe demands '375g flour' then 374g or 376g just will not do.


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